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The DYLN Inspired Bottle can give you what you need for a great workout, but they say abs are made in the kitchen. Don't let your workouts go to waste during Holiday parties with too many sweet treats and cheat foods. Parties, in general, usually produce "cheat days" but around the holidays, the temptations are far too numerous to avoid. Here are a few simple steps to keep your healthy lifestyle on track as you gather together and feast.

Eat Before The Party

When you arrive at the party full you are far less tempted to grab the handful of food from the cheeseboard that you're standing by. I know, it's almost so simple it's crazy. Eat a full meal beforehand, then you can be a social eater instead of a starving one.


Avoid The Carbs

Pastries, cookies, garlic bread and pasta salad are rarely ever as filling as you hope them to be. This means that you will be constantly going back for more. Opt for an option with more protein. This will fill you up and keep you full for the remainder of the party. 

Garlic Bread

Allow Yourself One Plate

We didn't say you can't eat anything! Just make sure that you are enjoying the food. Make one plate of all the stuff that you just can't live without and savor it. If plate sizes are offered go for a smaller plate and fill it. This will make you feel like you are eating more.

Position Yourself Away From The Food 

Take a second to walk around, enjoy the guests and the decor. When you place yourself within eyesight of the food, it allows your brain to always be thinking about it and will most likely lead to you going back for more. Find a social spot far from the food. 

Be Wary Of The Desserts

Studies show that fat doesn't make you fat, sugar does. It can be easy to eat more desserts than you meant to. Be careful to not let yourself mindlessly eat the brownies and cakes in front of you. If you crave something sweet at the party take a lap and then allow yourself to have whatever you are craving if you still want it. 


Most Importantly

Don't eat it if you are not going to enjoy it. If you grab a scoop of the Cesar salad because it's the healthy option and then later opt for the apple pie, because that is what you wanted in the first place, you will end up consuming far more calories than if you had just grabbed the apple pie. 

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