Level up your hydration

Meet the bottle that creates Alkaline Water

Faster hydration
Combats Acid Reflux

How does the DYLN work?

The magnesium inside the VitaBead Diffuser—located at the bottom of the DYLN Bottle—is what alkalizes & enhances the water.

Why is Alkaline Water better for you?

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Bottle Features

Superior water.

The replaceable VitaBead Diffuser quickly delivers alkaline & antioxidant water.

The VitaBead Diffuser & Removal Tool are included with each DYLN Bottle.

300 liters of Alkaline Water until you have to replace your VitaBead Diffuser.

Superior design.

Ergonomic design made to fit perfectly in your hand.

316 surgical-grade stainless steel interior. Built to last a lifetime.

3 layered insulation to keep your water cold for up to 24 hrs.

Check out the DYLN Insulated Bottle’s tech specs here

Transformational Stories

Alkaline water is good for you.

The water tastes clean and crispy. It makes me drink 8 glasses of water a day and keeps me hydrated all day long.
Malou A. from Guam

Don’t read this review!!

I know you’re gonna feel ridiculous that you haven’t already bought the best water bottle on the market.
Robert P. from Canada

Love this bottle

I love the size of this bottle! I drink a ton of water everyday and this holds a lot but I can still carry it because of the handle. Love that it’s good for me too! Very well made!
Naomi M. from Kentucky

Part of my daily life

The build is excellent and the larger size boosts my hydration during long rehearsals and performances. And it stays cool!
Nathan W. from Tennessee

We love it

A friend of mine recommended alkaline water for my acid reflux. I look for something that I can bring with me where I go. DYLN fits all my needs. I don't use plastic bottles anymore. I don't need to buy alkaline water by case.
Imelda A. from California

Love it

I was spending several dollars per day on bottled Alkaline water so this is a huge savings.
Matthew B. from California