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Activate your Diffuser

1. Detach the Diffuser from the tool, then rinse it under warm water for about 20 seconds.

Activate Diffuser Step 2

2. Soak the Diffuser completely submerged in a glass of warm water for about 20 minutes.

3. Removing the Diffuser from the glass, repeat Step 2 and shake any excess water out.

4. Let the Diffuser sit out overnight (or at least 8 hours) so the VitaBeads can air-dry completely.

5. While the Diffuser is soaking and air-drying, wash out your bottle and cap with water and soap. Be sure to rinse out all of the soap. *Not dishwasher safe.

attach diffuser

7. Attach the middle piece of your tool so the tool can reach the bottom of the bottle.

attach diffuser

8. Attach the Diffuser to the tool by fitting the upside down L-shaped grooves on the tool over the two bumps on the top side of the Diffuser, then twist slightly to lock together. *Be sure the Diffuser is the right way up. The top side has two bumps near the edge, and the bottom side has four tabs near the edge.

attach diffuser

9. Using the Tool, insert the Diffuser into the bottle to align with the Diffuser holder at the bottom of the bottle. Push down to click the Diffuser into the holder.

attach diffuser

10. Unlock the Tool by lightly twisting counterclockwise, and pull straight up to release the Tool from the Diffuser.

attach diffuser

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Testing your water’s pH

Testing the PH of your water

Here are some recommendations on how to correctly test the pH of your water:

pH Test Drops

Quality pH test drops are a quick and easy way to test the pH of water.

pH paper test strips

pH strips are intended and designed for measuring urine and saliva, not water or alkaline water.

Electronic pH Meter

Using a calibrated pH test meter will provide the most precise results.

Pool pH testing kits

This method will not give accurate or reliable results, because it is limited to an approximate pH range of 6.0—8.0.

Sports Caps & Bottom Guards

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The vacuum-sealed double-wall design of the DYLN Bottle can keep water cold for up to 24 hours. We do not recommend using hot water as that will decrease the lifespan of the VitaBeads.
The new Insulated DYLN Bottle holds 32oz/950mL while the Original DYLN Bottle holds 25.4oz/750mL of water in volume.
The Original DYLN Bottle is made of the highest 316 surgical-grade stainless steel available that’s non-magnetic and has superior corrosion resistance. The Insulated DYLN Bottle on the other hand is also constructed with the same 316 stainless steel interior, while having a more durable 304 food-grade stainless steel exterior. Our Bottles are BPA-free, liner-free and non-leaching.