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Various products, as noted below, are covered by one or more United States patents. This webpage has been provided to facilitate notice of these patents to the public pursuant to Title 35 United States Code Section 287(a).

The listing below is provided in good faith and is believed to be accurate. However, only a few of our patents are noted below and the failure of a product to appear on this webpage does not mean that it is not covered by a patent we own or control.

DYLN Living Water Bottle
U.S. Patent No. D740,609. Additional patents may be pending in the U.S. and elsewhere.


DYLN, DYLN Inspired, VitaBeads, VitaPearl, and the mark which consists of a design in the shape of a letter "Y" with a solid circle located within the "Y" are registered trademarks of Dyln Lifestyle, LLC.

Plastic Water Bottles Reduced with DYLN