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DYLN Inc. has received patents for many of our products and innovations. These patents protect DYLN Inc.’s inventions and the resources DYLN Inc. devotes to research, development and design. This webpage has been provided to facilitate notice of these patents to the public pursuant to Title 35 United States Code Section 287(a). The following list of DYLN products and patents is not all-inclusive. DYLN Inc. products and innovations are protected by many U.S. and foreign patents. One or more of the following patents may apply to DYLN Inc.’s products, and other U.S. and foreign patent applications may be pending. If you have questions regarding our products, patents or other intellectual property rights, please contact us here.

US D740,609

EU 002303198-0001

EU 002303198-0002

US D772,014

US 9,688,445

US 10,144,555

US 10,695,897

US D789,734

US D891,184

US D885,823


The following is a non-exhaustive list of DYLN Inc’s trademarks and registered trademarks. 

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