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Reduce Your Stress to Improve Your Health

Do you ever feel your stress spiraling out of control? Here are some ways to process it that can keep you calm and improve your health. 

Small Seeds With Big Health Outcomes
Big things can come in small packages. Seeds can be your secret weapon to getting your daily dose of healthy fats, protein, and a range of micronutrients.
5 Foods That Could Help With Cancer Prevention
The thought of cancer can often feel scary and overwhelming, but one way to feel a sense of power over your health is to focus on prevention whenever possible. 
Why You Should Rethink P*nk

Rethink P*nk this month and always. Instead of just a mindless donation to a cause, we hope you will educate yourself about preventive measure you can take to remain cancer-free and alternative methods of treatment. 

Tricks To Get A Better Night's Sleep
Getting good sleep is healthy and efficient. We owe it to our bodies to do the best we can to get a restful night’s sleep every evening. Try these tips to get quality rest each night.
Coconut Water: The Healthiest Sports Drink
Coconut water is one of the healthiest sports drinks because it is a fantastic source of electrolytes and is free from artificial ingredients, high fructose syrup, and artificial colors.
Bring More Mindfulness Into Your Daily Routine

Wouldn't it be great to stay present, thoughtful, and aware every day? Establishing a mindfulness routine help you feel better emotionally and physically. 

How to Stay Positive on Even the Most Stressful Days
A stressful day doesn’t have to ruin your positive mood. In fact, staying positive is the best way to get through periods of stress. Try these tips to have a positive day every day.
5 Healthy Foods To Eat Before Yoga
To eat or not to eat? What you should consume before yoga to ensure you get the most out of your practice. 
Prebiotics and Probiotics: What You Need to Know
You eat food at least three times a day, so it’s hardly surprising that the health of your digestive system plays a significant role in your overall wellness. Let's explore what you can do to optimize your gut.
7 Workouts That Burn More Calories Than Running
Running is not for everyone. Try one of these 7 alternative workouts to efficiently burn calories, boost endurance and reduce stress.
10 Health Benefits of Aromatherapy
Not only does aromatherapy have a major effect on one's mood, but it will make your rooms smell amazing. Let's explore the many health benefits.