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Since the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated with survival. This is because we are born with fight or flight instincts that give us a natural urge to avoid injury, illness, anything that would harm us. That said, most people wish to live a long life.

However, living for a long time is not always easy. In fact, there are alot of things that determine life span. 

The good news? Life expectancy is on the rise. This is due to advances in modern medicine and standards of living. 

The bad news? Lifestyle and habits have a lot to do with the length of life. Unhealthy or unhappy people tend to have shorter life expectancies

Fortunately, considering that health and happiness are key to life expectancy, taking steps to improve both will ultimately give you more years. In efforts to help you live longer, we put together a list of 10 esay, natural life extenders. 


10 Easy, Natural Life Extenders





Did you know that people who laugh live longer? 

Yes, it’s true! 

Many scientists have found that a good sense of humor is very beneficial to life expectancy! 

Why is that? Laughter works to increase blood flow, trigger the production of happy hormones, and boost cognitive function. In turn, the person laughing will experience reduced levels of stress as well as the feeling of connectedness to their humans. 


Limit Screen Time 


TV, cellphone, tablets, anything with a screen, turn it off. 

Reports suggest that screens have a very negative effect on life expectancy

It works like this. Watching a screen can impact your mental wellness (anxiety and depression), your body health (too much sitting), and the strength of your relationships (less interaction). 

Instead opt for a book, a game, a craft, a good old conversation. These activities will not just cut back screen time, they will improve your happiness via human connection, using your mind, and movement. 


Get Social 


Fact, humans are designed to be social. Yes, we are social creatures. 

Actually, we need social interaction so much that low human connection rates are found to be as harmful to our life expectancy as obesity and smoking

When we feel connected to humans, happy hormones are produced, we feel motivated, and life is good. 


Therefore, go get a hug, go hang out with your loved one, go see friends. 


Eat Fish 


Not a person who eats a lot of fish? Maybe it's time to rethink that. 

Many researchers agree that people who eat fish two times a week live up to 2.2 years longer. 

How is that possible? Because fish is very high in omega-3 fatty acids. A very important nutrient, omega-3 is a great energy source that keeps the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and immune system working. All things that help to improve health and happiness. 

Hint: instead of eating fish, you can take omega-3 supplements.  




We all know that working out leads to weight loss, better blood circulation, restful sleep, and strength. 

But, did you know that exercise stimulates cellular change

A remarkable discovery, the cellular changes we’re talking about actually have the power to slow the aging process. AKA, if you workout, your cells are younger. With younger cells, your body can survive longer, it is as simple as that. 


Enjoy Nature 


From surrounding yourself with green vegetation to natural sunlight, enjoying nature can lead to a longer life. 

It works in a number of ways including less exposure to air pollution, reduced stress, better relationships, and more physical activity. 


All of these things combined will boost your happiness and health thenfolds. So, make some time everyday to get outside and enjoy nature. 


Eat Veggies 


Everyone knows that vegetables are good for your health and wellness. But, do you know exactly why? 

Here is the deal. Vegetables are packed full of potentially hundreds of different plant compounds, each of which are essential for your body to function at its best. 

When you eat more vegetables your blood circulates better, your cells regenerate faster, your immune system is strong, and so much more. 

And, at the end of the day, all of this leads to you being able to survive illness and injury as well as positively impacts your life expectancy. 

Not a fan of vegetables? Try cooking them in sauces, into baked goods like pie or breads, get creative and you may just end up liking vegetable packed food. 


Keep Learning 


Maybe it has something to do with strengthening your brain. Maybe it has something to do with making wise life choices. 

Whatever it is, in many recent studies, scientists insist that education is directly related to how long you live. By that, we mean, people who have high levels of education seem to have great life expectancies. 

More importantly, these findings ruled out variables like age and income level. 

Yes, that is right! So, go pick up a book, do some research, and learn. You will be adding years to your life. 


Eat Spice 


Love a tasty hot pepper? You’ve in luck! People who regularly eat spicy peppers have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. 

You see, peppers contain a lot of antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatories. These properties, yes the spicy ones, boost your metabolism, improve circulation, balance gut flora, and so much more. 

Therefore, with all of the positive health benefits associated with spicy peppers, it will lead to a longer life. Eat them raw, cook them up, pickle them, get them any way you can! 





The importance of consuming water is not a new concept. Proper hydration can lead to better sleep, improved metabolism, increased memory, help with circulation, and remove toxins from the body. All things that are known to lead to long, happy lives. 

Dehydration on the other hand can cause a lot of damage and lead to symptoms that shorten lifespan

Now, with this in mind, ensuring that you get enough clean, fresh water throughout the day will help extend your life. Pack a bottle in your bag, have one on your night stand, take one in your car always. 


Life Is What You Make It 


Although there is no way to guarantee that you will live well into your 80s and beyond, with these 10 natural life extenders, you can rest assured you are doing your best to lead a happy, healthy life. One that will most likely have many years full of all of the things and people you love. 

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