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Eco-Friendly Travel: 6 Ways to Green Your Next Vacation
Traveling is great, you get to see many beautiful things, but you should take a step further and help our planet while on your vacation. 
How Drinking Water Can Help Me Lose Weight
Can a few extra bottles of water every single day help me lose weight? Here's the answer...
Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum Water Bottles
With a wide selection of materials, picking out a reusable water bottle is no easy task. Here’s what you need to know about stainless steel vs. aluminum bottles.
Alkaline Chocolate Donuts for a Sweet Vegan Treat
Easy-to-make vegan alkaline donuts with chocolate frosting and coconut are a healthy version of traditional fried donuts.
How to Make Your DYLN Bottle Last Longer
Besides investing in a high-quality bottle, it’s still incredibly important to take the proper steps to take good care of it.
Stay Alkaline With The Best Plant-Based Burger
Keep your diet alkaline and healthy with this simple recipe for a plant-based alkaline veggie burger that’s vegan and gluten-free, too. 
4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Purchasing a Reusable Bottle
A reusable water bottle is a great investment, and here are 4 questions you should ask yourself before buying a reusable bottle.  
3 Alkaline Recipes for the Summer

3 Alkaline Recipes for the Summer

You’ll love these three recipes to keep you alkaline during the warm summer months. All the recipes are gluten-free, vegan, and made with alkaline foods.
Alkaline Antioxidant Water: What It Is & Why It Is Good for Me
What is alkaline antioxidant water? Learn why alkaline antioxidant water is so good for your body and discover how to improve your health and live longer.
Where to Fill Up Your Reusable Bottle

Where to Fill Up Your Reusable Bottle

Besides making sure you’re taking a sip out of your bottle every now and then, you should aim to fill your bottle more often! Here are a couple tips on where to fill up your reusable bottle.

3 Delicious and Easy-To-Prepare Alkaline Snacks
Snack foods can be a challenge when you’re on an alkaline diet, but these three recipes bring a serious level of deliciousness to eating alkaline.
How to Squeeze in Fitness on a Business Trip

How to Squeeze in Fitness on a Business Trip

Business trips can be fun, and exciting. Or, they can be a chore. Whatever the case may be, there is one thing that binds both of these type of trips – they are hard on the body.