Replacement VitaBead Diffusers


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The workhorse of the DYLN Bottles, the VitaBead Diffuser fits all the DYLN Bottle sizes and will last three months with average daily use (up to 300 liters). The VitaBeads, which are composed of a proprietary blend of all-natural minerals create Alkaline Water by increasing the pH up to 9+. Read more

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What does drinking Alkaline + Antioxidant water do for your health?

Hydrate Faster


Fights Fatigue

Combats Acid-Reflux

Improves Digestion

How does it work?

The magnesium & minerals inside the replaceable VitaBead Diffuser, which is attached to the bottom of the DYLN Bottle, alkalizes & enhances the water within minutes.

Detail Oriented Design + High Quality Materials Diffuser Features

  • VitaBeads VitaBeads

    Composed of a proprietary blend of all natural minerals, the magnesium, tourmaline, silica, and zinc work in minutes to alkalize your water to a pH of up to 9+.
  • Hydrogen booster + antioxidant Hydrogen booster + antioxidant

    Hydrogen booster + antioxidant
    The Diffuser will also enrich the water with hydrogen, reducing the ORP to -150, making your water antioxidant and even better for you than normal Alkaline Water.
  • Plastic Free Plastic Free

    Plastic Free
    The VitaBeads are contained in surgical-grade 316 Stainless Steel for a completely plastic-free hydrating experience.
  • Subscribe & Save Subscribe & Save

    Subscribe & Save
    Sip smarter with the diffuser subscription plan. Automatically receive your extra diffusers on a customized schedule and enjoy a better price and around the clock Alkaline Water.