Designed for high intensity, perfect for everyday 
Increases pH up to 9+
Better Hydration
Combats Acid Reflux
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Product Features Sports Caps

  • 100% Leak Proof 100% Leak Proof

    100% Leak Proof
    Built to withstand life’s thrills and spills. The DYLN sports cap straw is leak proof which helps keep your water cold and your bottle insulated throughout the day.
  • Silicone Straw and<br>Adjustable Spout Silicone Straw and
    Adjustable Spout

    Silicone Straw and<br>Adjustable Spout
    Durable silicone straw for faster water flow and adjustable spout for easier on the go hydration.
  • Flexible Handle Flexible Handle

    Flexible Handle
    For effortless on the go carrying, the DYLN Wide Mouth Water Bottle sports cap lid has a flexible handle.
  • Patented Design Patented Design

    Patented Design
    The unique DYLN design of the Sports Cap keeps your bottle sealed, insulated and cold, and leak proof using a silicone gasket permanently secured in the wide mouth bottle lid.

Extra Diffusers

With average use, each replaceable VitaBead Diffuser lasts 3 months (or up to 300 liters).

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Transformational Stories

My perfect water bottle

Fabulous. My energy has increased, I sleep better, and the water tastes great.
Jessica R.

Amazing investment!

Absolutely the best investment I’ve made ! So convenient and knowing that I’m drinking the best water all day every day is definitely a plus.
Julia F.

A hit for water-haters.

I never drank water with pleasure. For me, drinking water was a question of health. Now, with my DYLN I'm looking forward to my next glass of water. I love it!
Mario P.

Convenient and tastes great!

I love the convenience of having alkaline water on hand instead of having to go to the store and fill up jugs every few days. The water also tastes very smooth! I can def...
Romeo J.

Surprisingly fresh tasting water

The DYLN is very easy to use. It’s important to stay hydrated during our outdoor adventures. I was surprised how good the water tastes - very fresh, non mineral taste.
Susan S.

Amazing experience in hydration

Absolutely love this bottle!! Makes my water taste great and keeps it cold for hours. So happy with my purchase! It’s now the ONLY water bottle I use!! 🥰
Imelda A.

Best investment ever

No more buying cases of alkaline water. Staying hydrated is effortless and the water tastes light and fresh. It paid for itself in no time...definitely worth the investme...
Allie R.

Really grateful

I really appreciate not having to spend extra time and energy lugging jugs of alkaline water back to my home from the distributor, which is how I used to get the benefits...
Rachael R.

Love my DYLN

I really love my DYLN. Makes me drink more water than usual and it tastes great.
Paul F.
Angeliz G. Dyln

My new favorite thing

I carry my DYLN proudly and educate everyone around me about the benefits of using the bottle and drinking alkalized water. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful pro...
Angeliz G.