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Customer Stories: JD O.

We initially created the DYLN Bottle as a simple solution for people to enjoy alkaline water on-the-go. Essentially, we wanted to give people the ability to create their own alkaline, antioxidant water, and to have this option as an opportunity to drink more water regularly.

The DYLN Bottle is a cost-effective alternative for people who regularly purchase bottled alkaline water from the market. The DYLN Bottle makes it possible for us to collectively reduce waste by eliminating the use of plastic water bottles. Together, we can protect the environment, one bottle at a time.

At DYLN, customer satisfaction is our main priority. We listen intently to what our customers have to say about their DYLN Bottle, so that we can continue to improve our products to enhance your hydration experience! We’re always pleased to hear from our customers and to share their unique experiences with the rest of the DYLN community.

Meet JD


JD is a filmmaker from Michigan. He was one of DYLN’s first customers, being one of the first to back our Kickstarter Campaign for the Original DYLN Bottle!

For JD, the DYLN Bottle has positively impacted his life in numerous ways. Before the DYLN Bottle, JD would drink distilled water, pure water, or even resort to regular bottled water. Because JD and his wife are both very health-conscious, they are always looking for ways to improve their health. His wife introduced him to the DYLN Bottle by showing him the Kickstarter Campaign for our original DYLN Bottle.

With the DYLN Bottle, it’s now possible for JD to enjoy alkaline water on-the-go. Because of its ultra-portable design, JD carries his bottle around with him at all times, which means he’s able to keep his water consumption regulated. For JD, the health benefits have been plentiful from having the DYLN Bottle to keep him hydrated. Most notably, his system is cleaner because there’s less toxicity and acidity.

JD recommends the DYLN Bottle for many reasons. He loves the design of the bottle, because it’s a great looking bottle and it’s functional.

Someone cared enough about others to create a product that aids in our wellbeing. Without people or companies like that, where would we be?

JD’s Pro Tips for Using Your DYLN Bottle

For JD, the DYLN Bottle doesn’t just allow him to enjoy alkaline, antioxidant water on-the-go. He also uses his Original DYLN Bottle to keep track of his keys! JD recommends attaching your keys to the handle of your bottle so you don’t ever have to worry about misplacing them.

We’d Love to Hear from You About Your Experience with Your DYLN Bottle!

It’s always a pleasure for us to hear from our customers about their personal experiences using their DYLN Bottle. Share your story with us! We’d love to hear more about how you use your bottle, what you love about it, and if you have any tips for your fellow DYLN Bottle users!

Share your DYLN experience with us!

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