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25 Ways to “Pay it Forward”

25 Ways to “Pay it Forward”

 Paying it Forward: “Responding to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else”

Okay, its time to get a little personal here.
When it comes to paying it forward, I am an eternal optimist. Here are a few ways to pay it forward.


1. Keep food in your car

The next time a person in need is asking for money at an intersection, you can help them out by giving them some food! It may sound a little crazy, but this is one of the biggest priorities I have in my life- always keep food in my car for someone who may need it more. (There have been some pretty lucky souls who have managed to run into me with homemade pasta leftovers).

2. Make a care package

It seems as if at any given point in time, someone you know may be going through a hard time. Send them a little love with a simple care package.

3. Smile at a stranger

Because smiling is contagious.

4. Say “I love you”

To your mom, grandpa, sister, dog, tortoise…

5. Buy the darn Girl Scout cookies

If anything, do it for when you, your sister, mom, classmate, or friend of a friend was a Girl Scout. It’s not easy to be little kid trying to sell the same cookies as all of your friends! Especially with a dream bicycle on the line… If you are not eating cookies for whatever reason, refer to #1.

6. Ask people how their day is going

Your uber driver, nail artist, boss, coffee barista, police officer pulling you over for a speeding ticket, grandma, priest, rabbi, minister…

7. Donate old clothes

I am thoroughly convinced that 99.99% of people do not need everything that is in their closet. Someone else may need it more, just saying.

8. Offer to help

Life can be hard, help make it easier for someone! Carry a large box, lift a bag in the airplane, offer the extra 10 cents to help pay for someone’s coffee... If there is any list in the world that is infinite, this is it.

9. Celebrate someone else

The world does not revolve around you or I. Take a moment to be the biggest supporter for someone else’s accomplishments.

10. Offer to take a picture for someone

In a world of selfies, sometimes people actually do want a group photo.

11. Hide pennies head face up

And don’t glue them to the floor! I would say that this is a nice surprise for kids, but it is for me too. Nothing brightens my day more than picking up a penny head face up (thinking all day long I will have good luck).

12. Send someone flowers

This does not have to be a romantic gesture, flowers are awesome. They look good anywhere and make people smile. Try to avoid flowers that are too strong smelling, just in case they cause allergies to flare up… just in case.

13. Dance with whoever, wherever

Even if you look like a fool, you will look like a confident fool.

14. Give free hugs

I once saw a man with a sign that said “Free Hugs” and not only did I give him a hug, but I still remember it. Do something just to make someone smile!

15. Stand up for someone

Most of the time, it is not that hard to do. It is obvious when people are being mean or disrespectful. Without going to that level, let them know that it’s not fun to be around.

16. Give up your seat

Anywhere where someone seems like they need your seat more than you do.

17. Let people check out before you at the market

If you are standing with a grocery behemoth for the next apocalypse and they are holding a bottle of laundry detergent, let them pass you.

18. Text someone a cute animal video

Nothing brightens a day more than baby animals.

19. Compliment anyone

If the girl next to you in yoga has a really cool shirt or perfect hair, tell her!

20. Thank those who protect you

Police officers, doctors, military, firemen, nurses… Some people make a living out of trying to help others, so when you get a chance say thank you.

21. Hide a happy note

For your significant other, roommate, or anyone who you think may benefit from a smiley face on a post-it note.

22. Put quarters in an expired meter

Because no one likes parking tickets.

23. Volunteer or donate

Making it easy for you: www.volunteermatch.org. Don’t have time to volunteer? Donate to a cause. I like Cure Duchenne: http://www.cureduchenne.org/.

24. Inspire yourself so you can motivate others

Nothing gets people moving more than seeing other’s around them doing inspiring things! YouTube videos like “How to restore your faith in humanity." You may end up a little more conscious of helping others around you!

25. Say please and thank you.


Guest post by Jess Sambuco
Jess lives in sunny Newport Beach, California and is obsessed with traveling and promoting a healthy lifestyle. She recently received her B.S. in Nutritional Science and started a healthy food Instagram. Follow her for your daily dose of delicious, easy to make, healthy food!

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