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10 Proven Benefits of Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Is there anything better than a refreshing sip of cool water on a hot summer day? Taking a long gulp of crisp water from your bottle can help you to feel happier and healthier at any time of day. In fact, drinking water has even been clinically proven to boost your brain function.

It’s obvious that this one simple move can be extremely beneficial for your overall health, but you have to find the right way to consume this all-important beverage. Should you opt for a stainless steel water bottle or its plastic counterpart?

Reusable water bottles are an easy choice to make for the environment, but many people get hung up when it comes to choosing between stainless steel and plastic. Fortunately, the decision is relatively easy. A stainless steel water bottle has proven benefits compared to plastic versions of the same bottle.

If you’re ready to see why your DYLN Bottle is the best choice for your hydration needs, let’s take a closer look at what a stainless steel water bottle can offer.


The first area where a stainless steel water bottle truly shines is when it comes to environmental protection. Not only do you get to enjoy the taste of refreshing water, you can also help to improve the world around you with this one simple choice.

1. Stainless Steel is a More Sustainable Resource

At first glance, you might not even realize that your metal water bottle is a sustainable resource. After all, the primary ingredient used to manufacture these bottles is actually iron with small amounts of chromium and nickel added for their durable properties. The ingredients used in these tough bottles are long-lasting options that are completely recyclable when their lifespan officially ends. This means that your stainless steel water bottle can easily be transformed into a new version of itself that can last for several more years to come.

2. Stainless Steel Requires Less Energy to Manufacture

It may be no secret that a stainless steel water bottle requires a lot of energy to manufacture. However, it requires a lot more energy to continuously create disposable plastic bottled water that is then shipped around the country. Even worse, many people will opt not to recycle those disposable bottles, forcing them to generate more waste and requiring additional energy to manufacture more.

3. Stainless Steel is More Durable

Who wants to purchase a reusable water bottle that is bound to break or crack shortly after buying it? Everyone wants to make a wise investment with their money, so it makes sense to choose the most durable water bottle option available on the market today. Your stainless steel water bottle is bound to be far more durable than its plastic counterpart.

DYLN Alkaline Water Bottles

Your DYLN Bottle will last longer than a plastic one because it isn’t subject to corrosion or leaching chemicals with exposure to the heat and sun. Steel also makes more sense for water bottles compared to glass versions because it isn’t as likely to break when taken into the great outdoors. You have a lot more flexibility in how you choose to use a stainless steel water bottle, making you more likely to stay hydrated regardless of where you are going.


When it comes to drinking water, you want a bottle that is going to benefit your overall lifestyle. You want it to be easy to use and gain some benefit for the money that you pay. Fortunately, a stainless steel water bottle is one small investment that can truly pay off.

4. Stainless Steel Saves You Money

Have you ever wondered just how much money you save when you choose to use a reusable water bottle instead of bottled water? You might be shocked by the answer! According to recent research, you could be paying as much as 2,000 times more for bottled water than a gallon of tap water. With the right reusable water bottle, you can keep more of that money directly in your pocket.

Many people still claim that they prefer to use bottled water over their home tap water because of the taste difference. But surprisingly, most people can’t actually tell the difference between the taste of tap water and bottled water when given a blind taste test. Recent studies have shown that many people actually prefer the taste of their tap water when they sample the two types side by side in a blind comparison. This is yet another way for you to save a few dollars on your monthly expenditures!

5. Stainless Steel Keeps Water Cold

For most people, there’s nothing worse than taking a big gulp of hot water in the middle of a summer day. You expect to be cooled down by a sip of delightful and crisp water only to be met with a disgusting mouthful of hot liquid. With a stainless steel water bottle, you could avoid all of that.

An insulated version of these bottles can keep your water significantly colder for longer periods of time, particularly when compared to plastic versions that offer little in the way of insulation. Many of these bottles are capable of keeping your refreshing beverages cold for up to one full day!  

6. Preserve the Crisp Taste of Your Water

When is the last time you used your water bottle for something other than water? Most of us have used our stainless steel water bottle to hold tea, juice, or even a smoothie from time to time. One of the best attributes of these reusable water bottles is that they don’t retain the flavors from your other beverages. This allows you to continue to enjoy the crisp taste of your water without interference from the lingering flavors of yesterday’s lemonade.


Are you concerned about how your water consumption might be impacting your overall health? There are some valid reasons to consider using a stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic versions. Let’s take a closer look at what these stainless steel water bottles can mean for your health.

DYLN Water Bottle

7. You Can Avoid BPA

BPA is an important buzzword that every consumer should be aware of when purchasing plastic products. Bisphenol A is a chemical that is found in many of the common household items and hard plastic tools that we use on a regular basis – including our water bottles.

However, we should definitely be seeking out new items that are free from this chemical such as BPA-free reusable water bottles. Just take a look at some of the symptoms that are associated with exposure to BPA:

  • Heart disease and other cardiovascular problems
  • Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance
  • Issues with fetal brain development
  • Breast and prostate cancers 

This chemical is well-known as an endocrine disruptor that imitates the way estrogen works in the body. It can mimic the way that estrogen is produced, transported, eliminated, and more. While small children tend to be the most susceptible to some of these effects, they can definitely impact anyone.

Stainless steel water bottles are a great alternative to prevent yourself from falling victim to the side effects that come from BPA water bottles.

8. No Harmful Chemicals in Stainless Steel

Unfortunately, purchasing a BPA-free reusable water bottle may not be enough to help you avoid harmful chemicals. Many companies simply replaced the harmful ingredient with a similar version known as BPS (bisphenol S) that is proving to be just as dangerous to our long-term health.

Of course, these ingredients are primarily found in hard plastic items. It might be best to avoid the issue altogether by purchasing a stainless steel water bottle that has neither BPA or BPS used in its manufacturing.

9. Keep Mold at Bay

Take a quick peek inside your water bottle or run your finger along the inside rim. Do you see the telltale signs of mold beginning to pop up? Plastic water bottles are extremely prone to the production and growth of mold on the inside of the bottle. Fortunately, stainless steel water bottles tend to be more mold-resistant. They can even be washed in the dishwasher, making them resistant to all sorts of bacteria that grow in other bottles.

10. No Reactions with Drinks

Think about how a slice of lemon might interact with the plastic in your water bottle. Over time, it can cause a reaction with the surface of the plastic, releasing harmful chemicals into your drinking water. One of the best things about a stainless steel water bottle is that it doesn’t react with the drinks that you pour inside of it. It manages to preserve the flavor of each one while you’re drinking it and still keeps the harmful chemicals at bay. Does it get any better than that?

Enjoy Your Water More with Stainless Steel

The reality is that the benefits of a stainless steel water bottle far outweigh those offered by a plastic water bottle. It’s time for you to make the switch to a DYLN Living Water Bottle so that you can improve the environment, your lifestyle, and even your health. Aren’t you ready for that first crisp sip of water from your new water bottle?  

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