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8 Weight Loss Exercises to Get in Shape Faster

Summer is well underway and the long-awaited holiday escapade to the honey-hued shores of some enthralling exotic destination is approaching fast. If you haven’t pushed yourself hard enough in training in the past couple of months, now’s the time to step up your fitness game in order to sculpt the physique you will be proud of and everyone will envy.

That said, is there a weight loss exercise you haven’t tried that can help you reach your goals faster? Well, more like a few exercises you should introduce into your gym and outdoor workout routines, as there is no cookie-cutter solution here, ladies and gents – weight loss takes hard work and persistence. So let’s take a look at some of the best beach body sculpting exercises that will speed up your metabolism, and more importantly, get you the curves that will make that swimsuit fit perfectly!

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell-based exercises don’t usually enjoy the praise they deserve. Some gyms don’t have them (in which case, it’s time to change gyms) and the ones that do don’t usually emphasize kettlebell training in their programs, but when used right, it can transform your entire body.

Let’s take a look at the most effective fat-burning kettlebell exercise, the kettlebell swing. Grab the weight with both hands, making sure you squat down to pick it up. Legs are going to be slightly out of shoulder width. Now take the kettlebell and swing it up (this will work your shoulders, arms, and back) and then let it fall down and between your legs, reaching behind your knees.

Make sure you bend at the knees slightly as you go down, keeping your lower back straight, and then just push the weight back up, repeating the process for at least 10 reps. This weight loss exercise, combined with HIIT cardio and your regular gym workout will make for one hell of a fat-burning session.

Box Jumps

Plyometric movements should be the staple of every weight loss workout, as they incorporate endurance, explosiveness, and they can hit your entire body when done properly. But if you really want to step up your fat-loss game and tone your lower body muscles quickly, you want to do it with an updated version of the traditional box jump.

You can use the following exercise as a primer for your main workout, or you can even use it as a finisher at the end to really burn those fat stores to the core. So, simply take a box (no lower than knee height), stand in front, and jump! That’s the first part, the second part is to jump back into a deep squat (instead of stepping back) and then explode back up into the second rep.

The Burpee-Jump Squat Combo

Okay, we’re moving into an endurance combo here, so pay attention to your heart rate and make sure you hydrate copiously with your DYLN Living Alkaline Water Bottle because this is going to be one hell of a ride. Start by doing a single burpee followed by a jump squat – that’s one rep. You’ll be doing at least 10 reps here, making sure you up the repetitions as you become stronger.

Stand straight, squat down and touch the ground with your palms, reaching back with your feet to form a push-up position. From there, drive your legs forward into the squat position and explode upwards with a slight jump, your arms held high. This is one part of the rep, the second part is landing into a deep squat and jumping back up. Rinse, and repeat.

Good Old Barbell Squat

If there has ever been a king of all lower body exercises, then it’s the good old barbell squat. If you’re wondering how to lose weight fast and sculpt your entire lower body and core at the same time, you’ve found your answer. So grab a barbell and get squatting!

Keep in mind though, the squat is a nuanced and technical movement, so consider checking your form with an experienced online personal trainer in order to make sure you’re staying safe throughout the movement, and that you’re utilizing the exercise to its highest potential. What’s more, a good PT will be able to scrutinize your current diet plan and help you organize your eating regime for faster weight loss.

Barbell Glute Bridges

Another great weight loss exercise that you can also use to sculpt an Instagram-worthy derriere, the barbell glute bridge is a bit different in that it doesn’t emphasize cardiovascular endurance so much as it focuses on muscle activation throughout the exercise to develop some much-needed muscle mass in your lower body.

You can do this lying flat on the ground, but if you want the exercise to be more effective, you can do it by leaning on the side of a bench. Take a smaller barbell, mount a weight you can control, and then place the barbell on your hip crevice. Lean back on the side of a bench, feet out at about shoulder width. Drop your butt down with control and then drive your hips back up, making sure you lock out your glutes at the end.

Walking Lunges

Let’s be honest, nobody likes doing the lunge. It feels awful, it’s hard, and by the time you’ve walked the length of the gym and back, it feels like you’re going to pass out. Which is why you should love it and the pain it brings because it’s extremely effective. Needless to say, this one also requires proper hydration, so make sure you catch up on all alkaline water benefits beforehand.

You can do this one with a barbell on your back or with a pair of dumbbells. So grab the weight, and start walking. Make sure your knees do not travel over your toes, and maintain a straight back.

Hitting the Jump Rope

Jump rope is a tried-and-tested exercise that needs no lengthy explanation. This is a purely endurance-based movement and you can use it to elevate your heart rate at the start of a workout or as a finisher for that burnout effect. Be sure to time your sets at one minute each.

Tire Flips to Machine Rows

Finally, let’s introduce some strongman training into the mix by flipping a big tire around. If your gym doesn’t have one, don’t worry, you can do without it, but if it does, then you shouldn’t skip this body-sculpting weight loss exercise. Squat down, grab the base of the tire and use your whole body to push it up and over. Repeat the process until you feel like your heart is going to explode.

Everyone knows that nutrition is a big part of losing weight and staying healthy, but physical exercise plays a major role here as well. However, not all exercises were created equal and if you want to boost your weight loss routine, you do need to select the right movements for the job. With that in mind, go ahead and introduce these amazing fat-burning exercises into your weekly workout mix and get that body ready just in time for the beach.

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