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Carla Zaplana on Eating Clean with Superfoods and Alkaline Water

Have you ever wondered how what you eat influences your overall health and wellbeing? Nutrition expert Carla Zaplana has asked the same question and come up with an answer. She made it her mission to guide others in how they treat their body through what they consume. With her fourth book on the way, Carla sat down with DYLN to talk about her nutrition philosophy, COME LIMPIO (Eat Clean).  

DYLN: What made you realize you were someone who wanted to help others with nutrition and healthier eating?  

When I realized that we are what we eat. I clearly heard my calling: guiding people to get better, feel better, and grow and evolve with better consciousness regarding our temple (our body), our surroundings (animals), and the planet through sharing what I study and experience.

DYLN: You have published books about the power of food. Could you talk a little bit about them?

I’ve published three books by now and the fourth is coming by the end of the year. I’m really excited.

The first two are about green juices and green smoothies, showing the power of these elixirs and the benefits that these bring to your health and life. The third one is about superfoods. In it, you’ll find an easy but detailed explanation of what these are, the description of forty superfoods, and over seventy recipes that you can prepare with them.

The next one, coming this winter, is about my whole philosophy of nutrition, something that I call COME LIMPIO.

DYLN: As you know, here at DYLN we are strong proponents of a plant-based diet and alkaline water. What do you think about these choices for those who are seeking a healthier lifestyle?

These are my rules of thumb when talking about health, so I highly recommend them as well. These are the basis of my COME LIMPIO philosophy.

Carla Zaplana and Her DYLN Bottle

DYLN: Talking about lifestyle choices when it comes to nutrition, a lot of people want to get healthier, but for some reason don’t cross that bridge between bad and good nutrition. If you had to list 5 things people should start doing now to eat better, what would they be?

1 - Start the day with a big glass of warm or luke water with lemon to cleanse and alkalinize the body.

2 - Follow with a green juice, green smoothie, or fresh fruit in case you can’t prepare either of the previous ones.

3 - Get rid of all processed foods, including sodas and foods in cans.

4 - Include vegetables -- leafy greens are the best --in all your meals (salads, sauté vegetables, vegetable soups, or any desired style) ALWAYS!

5 - Keep hydrating throughout the day with naturally flavored water, alkaline water, or teas.

DYLN: And aside from food, what other simple solutions would you recommend to people seeking to be healthier and happier with themselves?

Find space for yourself. Take time to contemplate, breathe deeply, and write. That calms the mind and energizes the soul to achieve anything you want in life. Through meditation and the practice of asanas, I’ve learned a lot.

DYLN: For those who want to reach out to you, what is the best way of doing so?

My website is  where you’ll find lots of articles about health, lifestyle, and recipes that follow the COME LIMPIO philosophy. You can also follow me on IG at @_comelimpio_ or email me at info@carlazaplana.com.

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