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Introducing the New DYLN Insulated Bottle

Compared to regular drinking water, alkaline water does a much better job at hydrating the body. Why? The molecules in alkaline water permeate the body more effectively because they’re smaller than those that are found in tap water.

Getting yourself a DYLN Bottle is both a cost-effective and sustainable method to enjoy alkaline water at all times. The DYLN Bottle makes it possible for you to cut the costs associated with restocking on bottled alkaline water, and for you to reduce waste by eliminating the use of plastic water bottles.

In our best effort to enhance your experience with drinking water, we’ve listened to what our customers have had to say about the original DYLN Bottle. And with you in mind, we’ve redesigned the original DYLN Bottle to give you the best reusable water bottle that you’ve ever owned. With the new DYLN Insulated Water Bottle, we’re giving you the option to choose the right bottle to suit your needs and your lifestyle.

Original DYLN Bottle vs. New DYLN Insulated Bottle

So what are the differences between the original and the new bottle? You can expect the same versatility and durability out of both stainless steel bottles. And both models will serve the same functional purpose in making it easy for you to create alkaline, antioxidant water wherever and whenever you please.

With both bottles, you have the power to convert regular drinking water into alkaline water within minutes. Within 15 to 20 minutes, you can change your water’s pH up to 9+, and reduce its ORP to less than -150. You can also rest assured that both bottles are entirely free of BPA or plastic.

Both versions of the DYLN Bottle will come with your very own Diffuser Removal Tool, which makes it incredibly easy for you to either remove or insert your VitaBead Diffuser when it’s time to clean the bottle or to replace the Diffuser.

DYLN Comparison Chart

Which DYLN Bottle Is Right for You?

The DYLN Bottle was created as a simple solution for you to make your own alkaline water anytime, anywhere. But we also want to give you an elevated experience when it comes to drinking water, by providing you with the best reusable water bottle you’ve ever owned. With the new DYLN Insulated Bottle, you now have options.

The new DYLN Insulated Bottle comes with a features and upgrades that’ll get you excited about drinking more water throughout the day. 

The New DYLN Insulated Bottle Features

1.Larger Capacity

What’s the first step to drinking more water throughout the day? A larger water bottle, of course. Based on customer feedback, we’ve increased the volume of the bottle to give you the option of carrying around more water with you from place to place.

You now have the option to choose whichever size will best suit your lifestyle. Compared to the original DYLN Bottle with the capacity of 750 mL, you can now store up to 950 mL inside the new DYLN Bottle.  

With its larger capacity, you now have the power to create, store, and enjoy more alkaline, antioxidant water on-the-go. Because when you’ve got an overwhelming to-do list, it’s easy to forget about staying hydrated. And with the new DYLN Insulated Bottle, you can scratch refilling your bottle off your to-do list!

DYLN Bottle Larger Capacity

Now you can go much longer without having to worry about making more alkaline water, because the DYLN Insulated Bottle makes it possible for you to always have alkaline water on hand. This definitely comes in handy whether you’re going on a long hike or you’re tied to your desk.

2.Double-Walled Vacuum Insulation

With the new DYLN Insulated Bottle, sipping on room temperature alkaline water is a thing of the past. We’re excited to introduce one of the most exciting features of the new DYLN Insulated Bottle: Double-walled vacuum insulation.

The new bottle is a revolutionary way to store and enjoy cool, crisp alkaline water. With the new DYLN Insulated Bottle, you have the ability to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours! It’s now possible for you to go on a hike for hours and to still be able to look forward to a refreshing sip of cold alkaline water.

3. Sleek and Stylish Ergonomic Shape

The new DYLN Insulated Bottle will fit perfectly in your hand with its ergonomic shape. As the best reusable water bottle you’ve ever owned, you’ll be able to take a sip from your bottle with the ultimate ease and comfort.

DYLN Bottle Ergonomic Shape

4. Wide-mouth Cap

It’s now easier than ever to refill your water bottle and to add ice cubes into it. With its wide-mouth cap, you can toss a few ice cubes into your bottle when you’re on-the-go and count on the double-walled vacuum insulation to keep your water cool for the rest of the day!

5. Flexible Handle

With a flexible handle, you can easily carry your bottle from place to place. You can enjoy alkaline water on-the-go with the ultimate convenience through its lightweight and ultraportable design.  

6. Surgical-grade Stainless Steel Design

The sleek stainless steel design of this bottle is just as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing. While its exterior is made from 304 grade stainless steel, its interior is made from the highest quality surgical-grade 316 stainless steel!

7. Replaceable VitaBead Diffuser

The VitaBead Diffuser will last you up to 315 refills or 300 liters! You can easily insert or remove the Diffuser with the Diffuser Removal Tool that’s included with your bottle purchase, when it comes time to clean your bottle or to replace the Diffuser.

Changing Diffuser Gif

With the new bottle, you now have the option to choose the perfect alkaline water bottle to keep up with your pace!

Learn more about the new DYLN Insulated Bottle.

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