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6 Brilliant Alkaline Breakfast Ideas

Keeping your alkaline diet varied and interesting is easy when you get creative with your breakfast. If you’ve relied on grains, animal products, and dairy in the past, put these acidic foods aside and make a new shopping list with fruits, vegetables, seeds and lots of new flavors. Experiment with foods you might not associate with breakfast to expand your selection and make staying alkaline a breeze.


Cocoa Smoothie

Cocoa Smoothie


It’s fine to have chocolate for breakfast! Just make sure it’s made with raw organic cacao which is loaded with antioxidants and great flavor. Make a smoothie with a banana, 2 cups of plant milk, a teaspoon of agave, 2 teaspoons of raw cacao powder and a dash of cinnamon. Add crushed ice in warm weather and enjoy a chocolate shake for breakfast without the guilt.


Chickpea Frittata 

Chickpea Frittata


Sauté 2 cups of sliced broccoli (or any leftover veggies) and a few scallions in olive oil until slightly cooked. Pour a batter of a half cup of garbanzo bean flour mixed with 1 ¾ cups of alkaline water over the vegetables and cook until firm on the top surface. Season with salt and pepper and slice into wedges.


Chia Seed Fruit Pudding


Chia Fruit Parfait


Superfood chia seeds make an easy overnight pudding. Just soak ¼ cup of chia seeds in 1 ¼ cups of almond milk overnight. In the morning, stir the pudding to break up any lumps and add a tablespoon of maple syrup, a dash of vanilla, and as many colorful fruits as you like.



Create Alkaline Water on the go



Coconut Yogurt Parfait  


Coconut Yogurt Parfait


If you’re in a rush, don’t skip breakfast, but make this simple breakfast that’s loaded with alkalinity. Layer coconut yogurt with fresh fruits for a breakfast treat that will keep you satisfied for hours.


Tomato-Avocado Toast


Avocado toast

Avocado toast may be everywhere, but make yours special and even more alkaline by using spelt bread (recipe HERE in this blog), avocado, chopped tomatoes, red onions and sprinkle with smoked paprika and fresh lemon juice.

Morning Mushroom Wrap


Mushroom Tofu Wrap


If you’re looking for an alternative to typical brunch foods, change it up and sauté mushrooms, firm tofu cubes, and a few handfuls of chard, kale or spinach all together in a bit of olive oil. Stir until cooked to half of the original volume. Season the mixture with salt, pepper, turmeric and nutritional yeast. Serve wrapped in spelt tortillas with salsa and guacamole on the side.


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