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4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Purchasing a Reusable Bottle

Are reusable water bottles worth the hype? Absolutely.

Getting yourself a sustainable bottle is a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for a better way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Besides giving you access to drinking water when you need it the most, it’s a safer way to enjoy water that’s both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

So you’ve decided to get yourself a reusable water bottle, but what do you need to consider before making your purchase? Here are 4 important questions you should ask yourself before buying a reusable bottle!

1. What Is the Bottle Made of?

Quality matters.

Paying attention to quality is especially important when it comes to something that’s so personal! It’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality bottle because you’re going to be drinking from it regularly, and you’re using it to store your drinking water for extended periods of time.

With time, the harmful chemicals found in plastic bottles can leach into your water. Compared to bottled water, reusable bottles are a much safer option to stay hydrated.

When purchasing a reusable bottle, you have a number of materials to choose from: Glass, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.

When it comes to metal bottles, stainless steel is by far the best option out there. Because compared to stainless steel, aluminum bottles are less durable and they dent easily.

What about glass or BPA-free plastic?

Glass bottles are heavier and they break easily. While BPA-free plastic bottles can contain other chemicals that also aren’t safe to drink from.  

With an interior made of 316 surgical-grade stainless steel, the DYLN Bottle was designed to give you ultimate durability.

2. Is It Insulated?

Do you prefer to drink your water cold or at room temperature?

There’s nothing more refreshing than a sip of cold alkaline water in the middle of an intense workout session. You can count on a vacuum insulated bottled to keep your water at desired drinking temperature for extended periods of time.

An insulated water bottle can improve your entire hydration experience. The Insulated DYLN Bottle comes with double-walled vacuum insulation which has the ability to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours!

3. How Much Water can It Hold?

Another important factor that you should consider before making your buying decision is how much water the bottle can store.

There are a number of benefits to purchasing a bottle with a larger capacity – the biggest one being, convenience. For instance, you can count on your bottle to keep you hydrated for longer without having to worry about refilling your bottle, or even, where you’re going to fill it up.

Of course, it’s easier than ever to find places to refill your bottle, but a larger capacity comes in handy when you know you’re going to be somewhere with limited access to drinking water. Compared to the Original DYLN Bottle, the Insulated DYLN Bottle comes with a larger capacity which can hold 950 mL of alkaline water.  

Insulated DYLN Bottle vs Original DYLN Bottle

Let’s say you’re planning on going on a long hike, or even if you’re going to be running errands all day and you really can’t be bothered to find a spot to fill your bottle up – these are all situations where you can benefit from having the ability to carry more water with you.

4. Are There any Special Features?

The special features that come with a reusable water bottle can make a huge difference on your overall hydration experience.

The Insulated DYLN Bottle comes with these features:

  • Wide-mouth opening
  • Flexible carrying handle
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Accessories that you can add on, such as a sports cap with a straw, or a bottom guard

The wide-mouth opening is a major game-changer for the ultimate ease and functionality. It makes it easier for you to toss a couple ice cubes into your water or even to clean the inside of your bottle. You can also expect ultra-portability from its ergonomic shape and flexible carrying handle.

Make Your Bottle the Perfect Companion to Your Lifestyle!

Bottled water will cost you a ton of money in the long-run. Whether you’re regularly visiting the market to stock up on bottled water, or you’re just purchasing it on occasion, the costs add up over a short period of time.

With the DYLN Bottle, the only time you need to spend money (besides your initial investment) is to replace the VitaBead Diffuser which converts regular drinking water into alkaline water. However, since the Diffuser can last you up to 400 refills depending on which bottle you own, it’s still a relatively inexpensive way to stay hydrated compared to bottled water.

With its sleek design, this bottle is a great addition to any countertop or workspace. With a bunch of fun colors to choose from, pick your favorite color and make your DYLN Bottle the perfect companion to your lifestyle.   

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