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Enjoy the Benefits of the Ocean From Your Home

Mankind was born to live in harmony with the ocean, and there are more than a few truths that attest to this fact. Our pH balance is exactly the same as the ocean, with the exact same saline content. So is a mother’s womb. And when babies are born, they’re natural swimmers.

Though we’ve adapted to life in the plains, mountains, jungle, tundra, and desert, our bodies still need the ocean. Here are 3 ways you can gain all the benefits of oceanside living without having to move to the coast:

Supplement with Iodine

The ocean is the richest source of iodine on the planet. This elemental nutrient is important to all types of bodily functions: from proper metabolism and the utilization of fat for energy, to toxin removal, and even mineral absorption. Without iodine our thyroid glands can’t produce thyroid hormone. The deficiency of thyroid hormone makes us susceptible to digestive issues, weight problems, and energy shortages.

Seaweed Salad

So where can we get this? Our coastal friends have no shortage of iodine. Natural sources include seaweed, wakame, kelp, and all types of ocean-dwelling fish. But the best source of iodine for landlocked people, however, is nascent iodine. It’s the most readily absorbed form for our thyroid glands. Some natural sources include organic yogurt, strawberries, cranberries, navy beans, cheese, and potatoes. If you want to boost your immunity, fat burning potential, and energy, increase your intake of iodine and iodine-containing foods.

Purchase a Negative Ion Machine

Movement in nature creates negative ions—powerful, health-giving particles that balance our minds and bodies. The most abundant source of negative ions comes from the coast, where the waves crash against the beach. But you can find negative ions anywhere in nature.

Aside from the oceans, the best sources are forests (where the wind sweeps through leaves and pine needles), rivers (where the current splashes against rocks and down waterfalls), and thunderstorms—the charged clouds release torrents of negative ions with the rain and lightening.

But you can bring the benefits of the ocean right into your home with an ionizer. Studies have proven the effectiveness of these machines, and you can purchase one for under $50 bucks. The ionizers with the greatest healing potential—and the most positive customer feedback—are the Alen Breathe Smarts.

Do Saline Rinses

Remember the last time you went to the ocean? After you’re done splashing around, body boarding and diving under waves, you find your sinuses draining as you walk back to the shore. The ocean is our original sinus rinse.

The saline water is a healing antimicrobial solution that washes the deepest parts of our sinus cavities. This clears away bacteria and debris that can lead to headaches, stuffiness, and even serious infections.

If you’ve had sinus issues, bring the benefits of the ocean to your home with a sinus rinse. These kits cost under $30 dollars for half a year’s worth of sinus rinses, and they’re so simple to use.

The bottle’s end fits perfectly into your nostril. Once in place, you squeeze the saline solution in one nostril and the waste water flows smoothly out of the other nostril—no pain or discomfort. Used before bed, these rinses flush out the pollen and dust that inflames nasal passage and makes nose breathing difficult at night. The results? A fresher night’s sleep, a clearer feeling head, and more resistance to airborne illness.


All of our hearts hearken to the sea. But it’s not just our hearts—it’s our nervous systems, brains, and immune systems too. So give yourself the benefit of the ocean with iodine supplementation, negative ions, and sinus rinses.

Peace by the ocean

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