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Agnes Muljadi on Living a Socially Responsible Lifestyle

Los Angeles based vegan ballerina, Agnes Muljadi, sets herself apart as an influencer through her dedication to supporting a lifestyle that is kind to our planet, its people, and its animals. Aside from being a prominent social media influencer, she is also an actress, a photographer, and a celebrity blogger. With an Instagram following of over 500k, Agnes uses her influence to bring awareness to the brands that parallel her core values in being mindful of health-conscious, sustainable, and ethical practices.

In her interview with DYLN, Agnes shares tremendous insight on living a socially responsible lifestyle and its positive implications on the planet and on your mind, body, and soul!

DYLN: How do you stay positive and inspired every day?

    Through daily meditation and positive affirmations.

    DYLN: What is the most important action on your daily to-do list when it comes to your healthy lifestyle?

    I make sure that I at least do 45 min of cardio and 30 min strength training in addition to my ballet classes.

    DYLN: Can you suggest simple solutions for someone who wants to make a positive impact on our planet?

      Any global impact starts with you and your daily choices. So I would start by being mindful of what's on your plate/what you put in your body and what you wear. Four years ago I decided to become vegan and two years ago I transitioned my closet to 39 pieces. Those two decisions are the most impactful, empowering and liberating decisions I've made in my life.



      DYLN: How did your dance journey begin?

        My love for ballet started very early. I saw a ballet performance when I was 7 and knew immediately that I wanted to be on stage so my mom enrolled me in dance classes soon after that.

        DYLN: You're a strong proponent of a sustainable and ethical lifestyle, many people find it expensive and hard to incorporate in their everyday life, what would be your advice for them?

          Developing what I call a mindful/zen closet is important. Just like with food, the portion of your consumption is key. I would suggest keeping a maximum of 20-30 capsule pieces that are made well and can last for a long time.

          DYLN: You're a ballerina almost all your life, and four years ago you became a vegan. How has becoming a vegan changed your life as a ballerina?

            Becoming vegan changed every aspect of my life. Of course there were also health benefits such as more energy, clearer skin and better stamina and endurance level. But to me the biggest benefit of becoming vegan is being more mindful in my daily choices in every area of my life. Veganism to me is a lifestyle and it extends beyond what I eat.

            DYLN: As a successful influencer you influence others, what do you learn from your followers?

              My followers inspire me everyday. Every day we receive at least 20-30 powerful messages from people all over the world who would like to make lifestyle changes to be more healthy, ethical and sustainable. The determination and curiosity that I see from my followers give me such hope for our future and planet.

              DYLN: What have you noticed after switching to alkaline water?

                I have acne prone skin and I definitely notice immediately that I have less inflammation on my face. I also like the taste of alkaline water much better than regular water and it's much easier to make myself drink more water and stay hydrated.

                DYLN: What do you like most about the DYLN Bottle?

                  It's very convenient for anyone who leads a very busy and active lifestyle. You can literally get water from the water tap at the gym or anywhere you work out and you will still get alkaline water. I also like the aesthetic of the bottle and the fact it's not made from plastic.

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