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There are differing opinions about eating before yoga class, but the most common one says that you’re not supposed to eat before the training–that is partly true. You shouldn’t practice after a big meal, but it’s also better to start class with something in your stomach. Most importantly, you should pay attention to your sugar levels. Let’s say your yoga class starts in the afternoon, your breakfast energy is almost spent and you have a demanding session coming your way. What should you eat? 

Let's explore some best practices for eating so you can get in your best practice at yoga! 



The greatest feature of this sweet fruit is the fact it’s packed with potassium. This alkali metal interacts with sodium in the body and will most certainly keep you well hydrated. In addition, it is good to know that magnesium, which is also stored in bananas, will prevent all kinds of stomach-related issues.

If you choose a banana as a pre-workout snack, you can relax and be sure that you won’t have any signs of bloating and cramps. Bananas are highly recommended if you are preparing for Vinyasa class. You can’t miss with this tropical fruit, so go ahead and pack a few before leaving the house.



Almonds are filled with a lot of calcium and iron which is great for your blood stream. Of course, that’s not all. Almonds also offer a high level of potassium, magnesium and vitamin E. This combo will increase the power of your muscles and keep you hydrated through the session. Not to mention, almonds are easy to digest, so they won’t cause any stomach-related problems. Feel free to take a bunch of them before class and you’ll feel energized in no time. Keep in mind that you should always go organic and opt for the plain and unsalted version.



Most yogis love avocados! Why is that? Well, avocados also contain important electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium which are crucial for a good workout. This fruit is great for proper muscle and cell function since its levels of potassium are 60% greater than in bananas. After consuming this nutrient-dense pre-workout snack, you will feel full for a long time and be ready to take on any pose, even a handstand. Your stomach will feel light since avocados don’t have a lot of volume. Keep in mind that avocado fat can help to decrease levels of bad cholesterol and increase lean muscle growth. You really can’t miss with them.



The best way of making mighty pre-workout elixir is to blend all healthy ingredients you can find together. One of the best smoothie foundation is, of course, coconut water. Start from there and continue with adding some bananas, almonds, avocados or any other types of fruits and seeds. If you want to improve taste, go ahead and add shredded dark chocolate or cacao. Have very demanding training coming your way? Go ahead and increase the power with a tablespoon of dextrose powder for added fuel for your body. Your smoothie will get you through the training and you won’t feel heavy and bloated.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

As mentioned above, dark chocolate can be used as a part of a smoothie, but it will work perfectly if consumed individually as well. Eating just the small chunk of dark chocolate before the workout will do miracles for you. First of all, it will increase the blood flow to your brain and keep your blood sugar levels in check. It also helps to boost your concentration and focus which will come in handy during the yoga class.

Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine, which helps you more efficiently release endorphins for an even more blissful practice. Finally, this sweet treat also contains caffeine which will stimulate and enhance your alertness to keep you energized.


Feel free to get creative and make the combination that works best for you. The possibilities are endless! Try incorporating melons, dried apricots, prunes and Greek yogurt into your high-power-low-volume pre-workout diet.

In order to achieve the best results, make sure to eat approximately one hour before the training. That way, all energy will have enough time to engage and your stomach will get lighter, and that’s everything you need to be strong for your yoga class.

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