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structured mineralized filtered alkaline water

What is the first thing we ask after landing on a mystical island for a yoga retreat? “Is this water safe to drink?” We all instinctually know we are what we drink, as our human bodies are more liquid than land.

Water, second to oxygen, is one of the most important nutrients. And there is nothing sweeter than a tall glass of fresh water to quench a harsh thirst. Like a deep breath, it is pure heaven. And if you don’t get enough, you’ll surely feel it. Google the word dehydration and the symptoms are enough to motivate you to employ a 24-hour drip system just to be safe!

When we travel to find adventure in distant lands, we often get depleted between no water rules in airports and air-conditioned planes. And then there’s the distraction from just having too much fun (is there such a thing?). If you have ever had the notorious sluggish digestion on vacation, most often, you have experienced traveler’s dehydration first hand.

As I write to you from South Africa after nine months of traveling around the globe, here is how I solved that problem and now experience the magic of exotic locations forever keeping foreign tap water demons from ruining another retreat!

Bring your own water! Flying solo without one is just too risky. You may find yourself praying the porcelain gods instead of Kali. I now never leave home without a water filter.

Although you can tour the aisles of REI and find handheld filters, there is nothing I have found that can challenge the Pristine Hydro Travel Filter. With a five micron filter, reverse osmosis, de-ionization, re-mineralization, coconut carbon, toxin removing, fluoride zapping and vortex reprogramming system, this mobile miracle is always by my side on the road and at home.

My favorite aspect is it’s loaded with magnesium, which keeps me absolutely relaxed in the face of any adventure. It is unbelievably easy to use and it has officially been tested thoroughly against TSA’s rigorous it-looks-like-a-bomb tests and has passed with flying colors.

Well, there is always bottled water you might say. Yes. However, roughly 45% of all bottled water originates from municipal sources so are you really drinking from something other than a local faucet? And it is well known plastic bottles are never given enough time to stabilize before they are sent to market. The BPA scare shed light on the fact they leach estrogen-mimicking chemicals that cause havoc on our endocrine systems. Oh yes, and the phthalates (pronounced "thah-lates"), a plastic softener, are less then excellent. And I’m just getting started. But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Located in Laguna Niguel in Southern California, stop by Pristine Hydro and take their elixir for a taste drive. The exquisite taste alone of their high alkaline pH H2O cocktail speaks for itself.

No matter which solution you choose, add your water to DYLN Inspired’s unparalleled high tech Living Alkaline Water Bottle, which will launch early 2015 and can pre-order here. It increases H2O’s alkalinity, micro-clusters the water molecules for increased bioavailability, protects you against free radicals and emits powerful far-infrared technology so you can upgrade your water on the go.  This is the ultimate travel companion! 

Finally, remember to tell your water you love it. Dr. Masaru Emoto has hypothesized human consciousness can have a positive effect on polluted water changing its molecular structure by taking on the resonance of the drinker. Hey, it can’t hurt!

Structured water crystals: 

Dr Emoto Structured Water CrystalDr Emoto Water Crystal

There are too many amazing places and people to see and stories to be made to ever waste time on the evils of foreign tap water. Trust me, execute the number one rule of a professional flashpaker: Bring your own pure mineralized hydration wherever you go and experience unfettered limitless exploration!


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