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We have all been there: hovering over two ‘purchase’ buttons within two Chrome windows. The GiltCity juice cleanse, we ask ourselves, or Amazon’s best selling lemon detox book? We end up clicking both because at least reading a book about detoxing saves us time before we have to commit.

The Frequency of Fasting

It’s a funny conundrum we’ve gotten ourselves into. We cleanse and fast so frequently that the times we’re not carb-loading as if it were the 90s, or drinking ourselves to sleep because at least wine has antioxidants and doesn’t require chewing. It’s in the light of yoga, we say, so we fast with the image of Mataji in our hearts.

We don’t think for a second that “so clean” and “so need a juice” are inversely related, that finding a middle ground is closer along the path our sages paved. And that’s not so much a stroll as it is a tightrope act: be present, we say as the right leg slips forward, restraint, we feel as out slips the left.

Pay Now To Play Later

It’s difficult because we live in a society that rewards playing now and paying later. We’re reminded of this not just in Vegas, but at work, in love, and in dining. It’s easier to overdo cocktails or cake when we know our 5-day cleanse will be hand-delivered soon.

So let’s strive for a future in which cleanses and fasts are done rarely just for maintenance or as part of necessary religious rituals. That we seek them means we aspire for radiant health, but towards that goal we must go with steadiness and determination. We must be forgiving when the pleasures of the world win over our spiritual desires, but we also must be resilient and strong.

We’ll achieve something like a sustained sense of cleansed, one that doesn’t require regular acts of detoxing. And we’ll be living DYLN Inspired.  #LiveDYLNinspired

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