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What is ORP?

Oxidation Reduction Potential

The Oxidation Reduction Potential, or known as ORP, is a measurement of the presence of oxidizing agents in drinking water. A positive ORP indicates oxidation (aging/deterioration) potential whereas a negative ORP indicates antioxidant (anti-aging/beneficial) potential. Most tap and bottled water typically have a positive ORP. The DYLN Living Water Bottle decreases the ORP to a negative level of -150 to create antioxidant water. 

How does the DYLN Bottle lower the ORP?

The ORP is lowered when the water interacts with the all-natural minerals that comprise the VitaBeads. ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is a measure of the tendency of a chemical to give or receive electrons. A solution with a lower ORP has a higher tendency to give an electron. When water is alkalized, it loses a H+ ion (hydrogen ion). H+ ions only contain a proton and no electrons, so when the water loses that ion it has a greater concentration of electrons making it more prone to give an electron, thereby lowering the ORP.