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Removing and inserting the VitaBead Diffuser

How to Remove Your VitaBead Diffuser

Step 1 Step 2
Assemble the Diffuser Removal Tool by connecting the middle component. Once assembled, insert the Tool inside the bottle and lightly place it on top of the Diffuser with little-to-no pressure. 
Step 3 Step 4

Turn the Tool clockwise until you feel it drop about 1/2 inch. Once it drops, again turn the Tool slightly clockwise to lock into place. 

Slowly turn clockwise and pull up at the same time to remove the Diffuser.

Note: You may need to apply a fair amount of upward pressure to release the Diffuser the first time.



How to Insert Your VitaBead Diffuser

Step 1 Step 2
Attach the Diffuser into your assembled Tool.  Insert the Tool into the bottle. 
Step 3 Step 4
With enough pressure, push the Tool into the base until you feel the Diffuser lock into place (do not twist the tool when inserting the Diffuser).  Once secure, slightly turn the Tool counterclockwise and lift. 


*Please note: There are two outward 'dots' on the outside of the Diffuser, which the Tool will grab onto. These Dots are at the TOP of your Diffuser and should attach to the Tool. Please ensure you correctly insert the Diffuser into your Tool before reinstalling the Diffuser in your DYLN Bottle.