How does the DYLN work?

The magnesium inside the VitaBead Diffuser—located at the bottom of the DYLN Bottle—is what alkalizes & enhances the water.

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Love it

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Water never tasted so great!

Water has never tasted so great! The quality of the bottle is very good and our family loves the variety of colors! If you are looking for a way to fall in love with drinking water, you should consider this product!

Leila T.

Love it

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Good To Go!

My 5 water bottles have been replaced by this wonder of deliciousness. The bottle definitely keeps my water at an 8+ ph. You want alkaline water, this is most Read more

Jared M.

Love it

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We can't believe it!

My husband and I both got a DYLN Bottle. We both have said that we prefer drinking the water from our new DYLN bottles over regular bottled water or tap water. It's nice that our insulated bottles keep our water cold all day!

Callie B.

Easy, Healthy, Refreshing

DYLN Bottle creates Alkaline Water


Add drinking water to your DYLN Bottle.

DYLN Bottle increase pH lever of water


The VitaBead Diffuser alkalizes your water up to 9+ pH.

Alkaline Water enhance hydration


Enjoy great tasting, antioxidant, alkaline water.

Triple layer vacuum insulation keeps your Alkaline Water refreshingly cold for up to 24 hours.

Why is Alkaline Water better for you?

The DYLN Alkaline Water Bottle makes it easy to hydrate all day everyday.

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Bottle Features

Transforming Powers

The replaceable VitaBead Diffuser quickly delivers alkaline & antioxidant water.

The VitaBead Diffuser & Removal Tool are included with each DYLN Bottle.

300 liters of Alkaline Water until you have to replace your VitaBead Diffuser.

Diffuser Subscription available here

Superior design

Ergonomic design made to fit perfectly in your hand.

316 surgical-grade stainless steel interior. Built to last a lifetime.

3 layered insulation to keep your water cold for up to 24 hrs.

Check out the DYLN Insulated Bottle’s tech specs here

The idea behind DYLN water bottle...

We all know that drinking more water is healthier for us. Yet many people struggle to drink the minimum 6-8 glasses per day.

Why? Because regular, unbottled water doesn’t taste great, so you don’t drink as much

- plus, it’s actually acidic. The result could mean things like lower energy, a slower metabolism and less-than-clear skin. And since buying bottles of plastic mineral water (which also has an “acidic” pH) isn’t helping our environment, we were inspired to create the DYLN insulated water bottle.

DYLN’s healthier alkaline water

DYLN’s healthier, better-tasting alkaline water quickly converts the water’s pH from acidic to alkaline.

This helps detoxify and efficiently hydrate your body through the power of magnesium minerals.
Quality, alkaline water is the foundation for a healthy, vibrant body and supports your new, healthy lifestyle. Hydrate at any time of the day, at the perfect temperature for you.

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Extra Diffusers

With average use, each replaceable VitaBead Diffuser lasts 3 months (or up to 300 liters).

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Over 100,000 healthier customers worldwide

Transformational Stories

My perfect water bottle

Fabulous. My energy has increased, I sleep better, and the water tastes great.
Jessica R.

Amazing investment!

Absolutely the best investment I’ve made ! So convenient and knowing that I’m drinking the best water all day every day is definitely a plus.
Julia F.

A hit for water-haters.

I never drank water with pleasure. For me, drinking water was a question of health. Now, with my DYLN I'm looking forward to my next glass of water. I love it!
Mario P.

Convenient and tastes great!

I love the convenience of having alkaline water on hand instead of having to go to the store and fill up jugs every few days. The water also tastes very smooth! I can def...
Romeo J.

Surprisingly fresh tasting water

The DYLN is very easy to use. It’s important to stay hydrated during our outdoor adventures. I was surprised how good the water tastes - very fresh, non mineral taste.
Susan S.

Amazing experience in hydration

Absolutely love this bottle!! Makes my water taste great and keeps it cold for hours. So happy with my purchase! It’s now the ONLY water bottle I use!! 🥰
Imelda A.

Best investment ever

No more buying cases of alkaline water. Staying hydrated is effortless and the water tastes light and fresh. It paid for itself in no time...definitely worth the investme...
Allie R.

Really grateful

I really appreciate not having to spend extra time and energy lugging jugs of alkaline water back to my home from the distributor, which is how I used to get the benefits...
Rachael R.

Love my DYLN

I really love my DYLN. Makes me drink more water than usual and it tastes great.
Paul F.
Angeliz G. Dyln

My new favorite thing

I carry my DYLN proudly and educate everyone around me about the benefits of using the bottle and drinking alkalized water. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful pro...
Angeliz G.