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Last October we posted the blog below encouraging you to expand your consciousness and re-evaluate what October's cancer awareness month represents and what you are doing to show your support. This year is no different. We invite you once again to rethink P*nk. Instead of just a mindless donation or appropriately colored outfit, we hope you will educate yourself. What preventive measures can you take to remain cancer-free? What alternative methods of treatment that can be used in conjunction with traditional treatments, and in lieu of them? What can you do to empower yourself and be the healthiest you possible?

As part of our anti-pink campaign, we'll refrain from posting anything pink on our social media and blog during the month of October. Instead, we will be sharing educational blog posts about cancer prevention and overall health.

You can join us by sharing this blog and encouraging your friends and family to truly understand cancer awareness and all that they can do to improve their health and be educated. 

Thank You, 

The DYLN Inspired Team

The Color P*nk

Another October is upon us, and already we have been bombarded by the color P*nk. This color is supposed to represent cancer awareness, but often becomes nothing more than a marketing ploy. We at DYLN Inspired want to take a stand in saying that we will not be capitalizing on the color P*nk. In fact, we will be anti-P*nk for the month of October and for every subsequent October-to-come. Instead, we want you to spend your energy—not your money—learning about healthy living and disease prevention. We hope you will join us by encouraging others to question, educate and think outside the box when it comes to cancer awareness. The value of knowledge and education far exceeds any mindless donations to a cause.

Where Has P*nk Gotten Us?

So many of us have been affected directly or indirectly by cancer. But where has P*nk gotten us? Not far at all, and maybe it has even put us back. So we would like to offer an alternative—an opportunity to consciously rethink everything. Rethink the way we live, what we eat, what we are told to believe, the way we communicate with each other, who we give to, why we give, and how we give. Opening up our consciousness can lead to remarkable results, and we encourage everyone to give it a try—it is also free to do.

Let's Focus

We believe subtle proactive changes in the way we live can make an enormous and meaningful impact on our lives and those around us. Too often our society focuses on treating the problem once it arises. Instead, let's focus on how to prevent the problem in the first place. Throughout this month, and beyond, we will be sharing educational thoughts on wellness to help you to think outside the box on how healthy living today can affect your health now and for years to come.

Open Your Consciousness

We hope you will join us as we Rethink P*nk. Challenge yourself to become educated on cancer and overall health and wellness. Open your consciousness and let curiosity in. Raise the bar for yourself and truly understand what it means to become aware.

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