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Torre Washington on Professional Bodybuilding & Veganism

Knowing how to make a positive choice when it comes to diet and exercise has a huge impact on our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. However, it’s definitely not enough to just make these positive choices whenever you feel like it. Instead, it requires conscious effort on your part to form a habit out of positive decision-making. And in turn, these habits will lead you to a healthy lifestyle that is permanent.

In this interview, Torre Washington shares the incredible story of how he began his fitness journey and his personal experiences as a long-term vegan. As a Professional Bodybuilder and an advocate for veganism, Torre shows us the sky’s the limit when you’re committed to accomplishing your dreams! He is now a NASM certified Coach and his fitness journey continues to motivate and to inspire countless people worldwide when it comes to pursuing your dreams and living a healthier lifestyle!

DYLN: Your fitness journey is incredibly inspiring! Can you tell us more about how you decided to get into fitness and professional bodybuilding? 

Thank you very much. My decision to get into fitness or specifically bodybuilding came from a desire to emulate or become the superheroes I looked to for inspiration. The character Wolverine and Superman to be specific. Also seeing that Arnold Schwarzenegger amassed such a phenomenal physique comparable to these superheroes, I figured that I found the way to look like my childhood heroes and so began my journey into bodybuilding.

DYLN: On your website, you mention that it wasn’t common for a vegan to be a bodybuilder. Why is it uncommon?

I mentioned that it was uncommon to be a "vegan" bodybuilder because, within the fitness world, the focus is to use only animal protein to gain size. The misinformation that vegetables are an inferior form of complete protein made it seem impossible to gain muscle let alone compete at an advanced level. There was always some form of animal involved even with "vegetarian" bodybuilders (eating eggs and dairy), to build muscle.

DYLN: Can you tell us more about how you decided to become a vegan and how your diet has impacted your fitness journey?

Honestly, my change to the term "vegan" came as a result of me wanting to not become a hypocrite claiming to be a rasta and not truly "Ital" (eating from nature). Most rastas still consume fish or chicken and I didn't want to be associated with that, so I went directly to eating plant-based. Vegan came as a result of people explaining to me what my style of eating was similar to in comparison. My fitness journey actually got better as a result of the change, recovery increased as well as my desire to show that muscle can be built and I could achieve great success eating only plant nutrition.

DYLN: We are strong proponents of a plant-based diet and drinking alkaline water in achieving a healthier lifestyle. What are your thoughts on plant-based diets and alkaline water?

I don't like to call it a diet because one can get on a diet and also get off, but if it is more of a lifestyle it becomes part of their life journey. With that being said my thoughts are that a plant-based regimen can decrease dis-ease within the body by providing an environment for life and not death. Alkaline water can also play a part in our health and longevity as well because we are 75-90% water.

DYLN: What is your philosophy when it comes to happiness and what advice would you give someone who’s looking for a way to live a happier and healthier lifestyle?

My philosophy is one of L.I.F.E (Living In Freedom Everyday) and if people allow themselves to be free of all things that cause them to have negative energy, the world would be better.

The advice I would give is to not take things personally.

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