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Sometimes it happens that between all of those family commitments and busy work schedule we get a little off track. We lose ourselves along the way and our exercise routine simply… well, disappears. Whether it's been weeks, months or years since your last work out, it doesn't matter. What's important is committing and focusing on restarting your exercise habit and getting back into a healthy workout routine.

Find Your Motivation


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Preparing your gym bag the night before will inspire you to exercise in the morning. Once you get up and your bag is already packed you will feel motivated to start getting back into a healthy routine. There is nothing better than a quick morning workout to boost your energy for the day. Try investing in new gym clothes and comfy sneakers to also feel good about your body and the way you look.

Take it Easy


Start with something easy. That is the best way to rebuild your healthy work out habits without struggling or feeling totally overwhelmed by it. Don't beat yourself up about falling out of routine—it's normal, and it happens to all of us. Instead, go for a walk or a light jog before your practice to prepare your body and clear your mind. Follow the tempo your comfortable with, don't push yourself too hard. Take it easy and use your workout as a break from stressful situations and other distractions—use this to focus on yourself and your body.

Start Slowly


Your first workout session after a while shouldn't last long. Try committing to working out for five minutes on the first day, ten minutes on the second day and gradually (as long as it feels good) change workout length. After a few days, you will feel much stronger and more motivated to continue. 

Workout With a Friend


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Asking a friend to workout with you is a great option for boosting motivation and sticking to your exercise routine. Not only you will feel more comfortable having someone you know nearby, but you'll be more motivated and have more fun. 

Find a Perfect Activity for Yourself


When talking about workout routines, don't only consider the gym. You don't have to go to the gym every day to be fit and stay healthy, you can mix up your workouts, pick up a social sport, jog or run, walk, hike, cycle or practice yoga. After all, it is all about finding time for yourself; about rebuilding the relationship with your body and committing to a healthy lifestyle.

Exercising While Cycling


You can warm up before going to the gym by riding your bicycle for 15 to 20 minutes. It is a great way to work out and get back on track easily while spending your time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air. Or you can simply use your bike to go to work or to move around town. If you live in a city, investing in quality city bicycles is a smart way of choosing the right bike for the local terrain. 

Combining Yoga with Your Workout Routine


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Practicing yoga can help you be more calm, relaxed and reduce stress, which makes it perfect for people working under a lot of pressure. It can help you build up your strength slowly and you can focus on self-love and appreciation. Combining yoga with a quick morning workout can be a great way to motivate yourself since exercising will make you feel energized and yoga will calm you down just enough to keep your head clear and your energy levels high.

Do it for Yourself!


Whatever the activity you choose to help you get back on track, make sure you are making a right choice and do it for yourself! You shouldn't feel like you have to meet somebody else's expectations, you should feel inspired and motivated to work out because you deserve it! Exercising should be all about feeling great, confident and satisfied. Every time you work out you should know that you have done something just for yourself and are becoming a healthier and better person. 

Remember, finding time to get back into a healthy exercise routine is extremely important—make it a priority. Take it easy and don't pressure yourself if you are determined to change your life for the better. You got this!

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