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How to Squeeze in Fitness on a Business Trip

Business trips can be fun, and exciting. You get to see a new place, most often on the company dime, you meet new people, sign a contract, and then get to relax for free. Or, they can be a chore. Going to a dreary place for the millionth time, with poor food and annoying people. Whatever the case may be, there is one thing that binds both of these type of trips – they are hard on the body.

Namely, all the travelling, the sitting around in busses, aeroplanes, and trains, the lack of movements and the abundant food, even the boredom – these all can get you out of shape fast. And the more often you travel, the worse it gets. However, below you can get some tips on how to keep your physique while travelling frequently.

Prepare Properly

You know the drill. Get the right things, some extra clothing, workout clothes, extra cash placed in a safe space… However, what we want to turn your attention to things that people often forget about, but that are important. Carrying the phone numbers of dentists, doctors, lawyers… All these things can help you get out of a very sticky situation. These are especially important if this business trip can make or break your company.

Travelling with a DYLN Bottle

Another thing you should keep in mind is researching any route you want to go on. The last thing you want to happen on your jog is your breaking your leg on a pothole and being forced to file a public liability claim with a city you don’t even live in.

Be Creative

Remember the point of working out – using the muscles themselves. Your tricep doesn’t know if you’re doing a push-up, a cable pushdown or a tricep-heavy dip. All it knows is that it’s getting worked out. So, be creative.

When you’re in your hotel room, look around the entire area. You can always pump out some push ups and sit ups wherever you are. If these are too easy, lift your legs up on your bed and do them like that. You’ll find these are much more difficult, and will, much like an incline bench press, target your upper chest and posterior delts more than a regular push up.

If you want to focus more on your triceps, put your hands closer together when doing a push-up. Use your luggage or water bottle as dumbbells and barbells, set up two chairs and two dips.

Woman Doing Yoga

And of course, there is nothing stopping your from just going outside and running, or doing a session of yoga in your room.

A Good Plan Is Important

Make a good schedule; it's vital if you want to stick to your schedule. Know that your time will most likely be limited, and that you will move around, from one conference to another.


You will also be constrained by plane and train arrival and departure times as well. For this reason, have a very clear schedule and search for a block of extra time. These blocks should show you when you can workout, go out for a run, or even hit the hotel gym.

Remember Your Diet

You can’t work on your body with a subpar diet. For this reason, you need to think about what you put into your body. Too many people make the excuse that just because they’re travelling on business that they can eat whatever they want. Now, of course, whipping out a scale to measure your calories and macros in the middle of a company dinner is not really the smartest move. But, at the same time, your metabolism doesn’t know you’re on a trip. So, when you’re at any dinner or buffet table, be smart. Get protein-heavy foods, get some veggies, and cool it on the pasta. Avoid muffins, cake, ice-cream, candy…

Healthy Meal

Another important part is what you eat while on the road. Packing a nice sandwich is good, but too many people get crisps, cookies, and other junk food when on the road. Get some fruit, fresh, real juice, and some granola bars. Remember to stay hydrated, at all times. Always carry a water bottle with you, and fill it up as often as you can. 


Squeezing fitness into a business trip is not as difficult as it sounds. These trips make it difficult to stick to a routine, but with enough effort, proper planning, and some creativity, you are certain to make the most of it. Remember to take care of your diet, stick to your schedules, and you will definitely maintain your health and physique.

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