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Customer Stories: Dolores Runte

We designed the DYLN Bottle as a simple solution for people to make their own alkaline water either in the comfort of their own home or even when they’re on-the-go. Alkaline water has ultra-hydrating properties which makes it a fantastic alternative to regular drinking water. 

We absolutely love hearing from our customers about how their DYLN Bottle has positively impacted their quality of life or health. As the author of The Firecrotch Fairy Diary – Understanding Interstitial Cystitis and creator of the Green Witch Products and COOCHIE - The Cooling Pantyliner for IC, Dolores Runte has shared her incredibly inspiring story with us about her struggle with IC and how she has used her DYLN Bottle to effectively manage symptoms associated with the chronic condition. 

In an interview with Dolores, she gives us a better understanding of what IC is and how this chronic condition can affect her daily life. Through her personal experiences, she provides generous insight and helpful tips for others who may also struggle with the condition. 

DYLN: As someone who has Interstitial cystitis, could you please tell us more about what this condition is and how it can interfere with your daily life?

IC, otherwise known as “painful bladder syndrome,” is a severe condition where the bladder has no protective lining. This means that the nerves in our bladder are exposed to the acid in our urine. Imagine a “Fourth of July“ party going on inside your bladder! 

There is no known cause or cure, and the pain is comparable to stage four cancer. Symptoms can vary on a daily basis. One day you may have severe burning, and the next day your bladder may spasm so badly that you cannot get out of bed. 

I also have Hunner’s lesions in my bladder (open ulcers). I have had to have my bladder stretched and the lesions cauterized twice since becoming diagnosed, and will need to do this procedure at least once a year. 

DYLN: Before giving the DYLN Bottle a try, which other products or treatments did you test out for minimizing the effects of this condition? How did it work out for you?

I have tried several different brands of bottled water. The key is to keep the body as alkaline as possible. It is very hard to find water that has the perfect pH level. I have spent hundreds of dollars on different brands of water, and I found that the DYLN Water Bottle works best for me. 

I can use my own tap water and my DYLN does the rest of the work, creating the perfect alkaline water. And the best thing about my DYLN is that it is eco-friendly! No more plastic bottles! 

DYLN: Why did you decide to start using the DYLN Bottle? How has the DYLN Bottle been beneficial to managing symptoms associated with IC?

My DYLN has really saved me a lot of unnecessary stress. I no longer panic when leaving home, or going on vacation. I used to worry that I wouldn’t be able to find the correct water to drink when traveling. Now I just pack my DYLN, and I’m ready to go. It is even TSA approved. 

DYLN: Have you noticed any specific improvements to your health or quality of life since using the DYLN Bottle?

Not only has the DYLN helped to alkalize my urine but it has also been great for my skin. The water tastes amazing, and I find that I drink more water now when using my DYLN Water Bottle

DYLN: Besides drinking alkaline water, what else would you recommend as a remedy for those who struggle with the same condition as a means to improve their quality of life?

Listen to your body. It will tell you what you need. Also start a food diary. This will help you eliminate  any food or drinks that irritate your bladder. Practice meditation daily, and do pelvic floor exercises. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions. I talk to so many women who have just been brushed aside by their doctors. If you’re not comfortable with your doctor, find a new one. Remember they work for you! 

Lastly, join a support group! There are hundreds online. I administer The Firecrotch Fairy! Interstitial Cystitis Support. You will be connected with thousands of women that are there to support you and help you deal with your illness.

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