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DYLN Inspired Launches On Spring, The World's Easiest Mobile Shopping App.

 As a cutting edge yoga clothing brand, DYLN Inspired is excited to announce that we have joined the world's easiest shopping app, Spring! What does that mean for you? Shopping for your favorite DYLN Inspired products just got easier and more fun. 

Imagine an entire mall filled with only your favorite stores, now imagine this all available at your finger tips. What you have just imagined is Spring. Spring gives you the ability to follow the brands you love, shop new arrivals and exclusives, and enjoy easy, one-swipe buying power.

Spring is an app as new and unique as the DYLN Inspired brand and our decision to join Spring came without second thought. DYLN Inspired is one of the exclusive yoga clothing brands currently featured on Spring and with our unique designs and innovative technology we set ourselves apart from the rest.

DYLN Inspired offers a collection of yoga clothes designed to support your body before, during, and after your workout. By incorporating Far-Infrared technology into our patented VitaPearl fabric we have developed a line of yoga shorts, yoga tank tops, running tights, and other fitness apparel that increases micro-circulation and muscular oxygenation for overall better health and faster recovery time. 


If you have not downloaded the app yet find it in your app store today.  

See you on Spring!






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