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Testing the water pH level from your DYLN Bottle

Electronic pH Meter

Testing the pH of your water is a simple task that requires the use of a pH measuring device or solution. Using a calibrated pH test meter will provide the best results.

pH Test Drops

Quality pH test drops are an easy and quick way to test the pH of water. We recommend using good quality, as pH test drops can only be an indicator and will not be able to provide accurate results. Please ensure you are using appropriate pH test drops-to-water ratios and allowing enough time to pass for the water to alkalize. Results can vary based on the quality of the pH test drops.

ph Paper Test Strips (not recommended)

pH strips are intended and designed for measuring urine and saliva, not water or alkaline water. This is because pH test strips work by interacting with the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in a solution. The DYLN Bottle adds very little to no TDS, so the pH measurement will always be the same before and after the water was in the DYLN Bottle when testing with strips. 

Pool Testing Kit (not recommended)

A pool pH testing kit is intended for testing the pH level of pool water, which typically varies between 7.0—7.6 and contains chemicals such as chlorine, sodium bisulphate and sodium carbonate. Testing alkaline drinking water with a pool pH testing kit will not give accurate or reliable results, limited to an approximate pH range of 6.0—8.0.