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Extra VitaBead Diffusers

Extra VitaBead Diffusers

Extra VitaBead Diffusers

Each Extra Diffuser lasts up to 400 refills and fits securely in the bottom of your DYLN Bottle

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Alkaline Water Anywhere

Within 15-20 minutes of filling your DYLN Bottle with water, the VitaBead Diffuser raises the pH up to 9, while reducing the ORP down to -150.

Each Removable VitaBead Diffuser lasts up to 400 refills (up to 300 liters or 80 gallons). To track your usage, simply register your bottle on our website, enter in your usage, and we’ll let you know when its time to replace your Diffuser.

27 reviews

I drink more water since I've started using the Bottle! It tastes so much better and my body feels good.
—Ace, UK

Alkaline Water

Increases the pH up to 9+ and reduces the ORP to less than -150 to create alkaline antioxidant water.

316 Stainless Steel

The VitaBeads are housed in the highest quality surgical-grade non-magnetic, stainless steel available.

Replaceable VitaBead Diffuser

Each Diffuser can be easily removed and replaced to ensure you are always enjoying alkaline water.

Inspired Ingredients

The VitaBeads are composed of magnesium, tourmaline, zinc, and silica and heated to temperatures over 800 degrees Celsius to form the beads.

Track Usage

Our website helps you track your bottle usage and notifies you when its time to replace your VitaBead Diffuser.

Diffuser Removal Tool

Use the Diffuser Removal Tool included in each bottle to easily remove and replace your VitaBead Diffuser.

Frequently Asked Questions about the DYLN Bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the VitaBeads made of?

The VitaBeads are a proprietary blend of all-natural minerals - containing magnesium, tourmaline, zinc, and silica.

How do I know when to replace my Diffuser?

By registering your DYLN Bottle, you will be reminded when it is time to replace your Diffuser, which is based on your usage preferences and the recommended 400 refill lifespan of each Diffuser.

How long does it take to alkalize the water?

The Bottle will start alkalizing the water immediately, and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to reach an optimal level of more than 8.5 pH.

How do I remove the VitaBead Diffuser?

Each Bottle comes with a Diffuser Removal Tool to easily remove the diffuser for cleaning or replacement. Go here to view the simple 4 step process.

How do I clean the DYLN Bottle?

The DYLN Bottle is dishwasher safe without the diffuser, cap and sleeve.

Do I have to use filtered water with the DYLN Bottle?

The DYLN Bottle was designed to enhance water by creating alkaline antioxidant water. Since the Bottle does not filter water, we recommend using water that is already clean enough to drink.