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Why choose a DYLN Bottle over bottled alkaline water?

You can buy bottled alkaline water in the stores these days. Not all stores; but whole food stores and health-conscious supermarkets stock a number of pre-bottled alkaline water brands, all of which give you the chance to grab alkaline health benefits on the go. 

Which is great. But not quite as good as making your own alkaline water with a DYLN Bottle

Let’s start with the economics, and then move onto the health benefits of DYLN over those off-the-shelf options. 

A DYLN Bottle will save you money

For a bottle of alkaline water in a store, you can expect to pay around $2 or $3 per liter. If you drink two liters of water per day, and want all of that water to be high quality alkaline, you could find yourself spending around $180 per month, just on bottled water. That’s a lot of money!

The 32 oz Insulated DYLN Bottle costs $56 — a one time purchase. Yes, you’ll need a new Diffuser after consuming around 300 liters of water; but if you buy four diffusers in a year, your total spend will be $35.99. Compare that to a potential spend of $2,160 if you were to drink around two liters of bottled alkaline water every day, and you’ve saved more than $2,000 in a year. 

So there it is. If you want to benefit from the health supportive power of alkaline water, a DYLN Bottle is much better for your bank balance. 

DYLN is better for the environment 

The second reason we think DYLN is a better choice than buying pre-bottled water is also pretty self-explanatory. When you buy a DYLN Bottle, you have your bottle. When you buy alkaline water from a shop, you buy a new single-use plastic bottle each time. 

It’s now more important than ever to do as much as we can to minimize our negative impact on the environment — and to do it quickly. Single-use plastics are a huge problem, as they don’t biodegrade and either sit in landfill or find their way into our water systems, releasing toxic chemicals. Not only do those chemicals pose a threat to plant and animal life, but they’ve also been found to end up in human bloodstreams, returning to us through the food and water we consume. 

So buying as few single-use plastics as possible is a really important way that we can improve our footprint. When we buy less, manufacturers produce less, and more resources are poured into creating sustainable alternatives; like DYLN. 

Bottled water is also sometimes produced via water sources that have been redirected away from communities that really need that water. 

With a DYLN Bottle, you can make high quality alkaline water with the stuff that comes straight from your tap, routed there from local water sources. 

DYLN alkaline water is premium quality, and better for your health

Finally, DYLN water is consistently better for your health than bottled alkaline water from a store. There are two reasons for this:

Pre-bottled alkaline water comes in a plastic bottle

We’ve already talked about the environmental cost of single-use plastic drinks bottles. But drinking water from a plastic bottle has an effect on your body, too. Tiny BPA plastic particles seep from the bottle into the water — and if you do refill your plastic bottle and use it again, you’ll be exposed to even more plastic particles second time round, as these bottles are not repeat-use grade.

In contrast, the DYLN Bottle’s interior is made from surgical-grade stainless steel. It won’t transfer any toxic particles into your water, and is completely safe to use again and again.

The contents of pre-bottled water are not guaranteed

Just as you can’t be sure where that water has come from, you’re also in the dark about the processes it’s gone through before reaching the bottle.

Drinks bottle labels are small, and an alkaline water brand will fill that space with positive information about the water’s health benefits. The label won’t tell you how the water has been filtered or what chemicals have been involved in that process; and it’s usually hard to figure out how long that water has been sitting in the bottle as well.

Of course, we know there are toxins in our tap water. We recommend putting your tap water through a filter before you fill up your DYLN Bottle, to clear out those toxins and improve the quality of your drinking water even more.


When you make alkaline water using filtered tap water and a DYLN Bottle, you know that the stuff you’re putting into your body is high quality, ethically sourced, healthy and sustainable. To us, it’s a no-brainer. What do you think?

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