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Q&A Interview with Dr. Mauricio González

Dr. Mauricio González is a physician and an Internal Medicine physician in New York City. Having studied nutrition for most of his adult life, Dr. González is dedicated to bridging the gap between the medical industry’s knowledge about diet and nutrition, and how to communicate that knowledge to the public.

In an interview with DYLN, the founder of the first plant-based medical immersion program in Latin America shares his insight into the power of a plant-based diet when it comes to transforming your health!

DYLN: How do you stay positive and inspired every day?

By doing the basics. Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes is the first one. Exercising everyday is my other “life rule”. Also,  I try to sleep at least 7 hours daily.

DYLN: What is the most important action on your daily to-do list when it comes to your healthy lifestyle?

I think my diet is number 1. Also, I like to balanced my day with exercise and reading scientific journals and good books.

DYLN: Can you suggest simple solutions for someone who wants to make a positive impact on our planet?

We live in a world where obesity, chronic diseases,  sedentarism and addictions are the rule. Scientific studies have shown beyond any doubt, that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, exercising daily and abstaining from smoking, not only can have a great impact on human health, but also reduce the amount of pollution in our planet and the wasteful use of natural resources.

DYLN: You help many people lead healthy lifestyle, what made you realize you were someone who wanted to help others and become a doctor?

I did the change myself 15 years ago. My experience was excellent. My levels of energy increased, and I felt the necessity to share this amazing lifestyle with everyone.

DYLN: Growing up in a health-conscious family, when did it occur to you that a plant-based diet actually had the power to transform your health?

I read many books and scientific journals that led me to believe that plant-based nutrition was key to prevent many diseases. Great epidemiological studies such as the EPIC and Adventist studies have confirmed what this lifestyle can do for you.

DYLN: What made you realize that there was a gap between the medical industry’s knowledge of diet and nutrition with how it was being communicated to the public?

Scientific studies have results, but as odd as it might sound, that does not tell you much. You need to know the methodology, the subjects, dietary interventions, etc. I realized that what it was needed was someone to interpret this so the public can understand correctly the ramifications of the study. That is why i created a seminar that teaches the science behind plant-based nutrition in simple terms.

DYLN: You're an advocate of alkaline water, what are its main benefits backed by your scientific experience?

At this time, we do not have conclusive evidence so far that alkaline water is beneficial in chronic diseases. One retrospective study, which I particularly like, showed that alkaline water in addition to a plant-based mediterranean diet was at least as effective as common reflux medication in laryngopharyngeal reflux.


DYLN: What do you like most about the DYLN Bottle?

I love my DYLN Insulated Bottle. It is very ergonomic and made out of stainless steel. No more plastic! It keeps my water cold for many hours, and it is perfect for my long shifts in the hospital.

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