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Gabo Saturno on Achieving Mental and Physical Strength

Calisthenics master Gabo Saturno sets himself apart from other heavyweights in the health and fitness world through his commitment to achieving balance with the unique combination of Calisthenics and Yoga. For Gabo, developing the strength of your mind is equally as important as your physical strength. Aside from balance, Gabo shares the concept of developing a ‘flexible mind,’ which is one’s ability to adapt to the inevitable changes that will take place over the course of your lifetime.

In his interview with DYLN, Gabo discusses his passion for movement and the importance of self-awareness. He also shares his secret to remaining positive and inspired each and every day through creating momentum out of being more consistent with doing what you love!

DYLN: How do you stay positive and inspired every day?

The biggest factor I would say is creating momentum, and the only way I see that possible (at least long term) is by doing something you love. I stay positive and inspired every day by doing what I love in a consistent basis. Humans are driven by progress, so my advice would be to find what it is that you enjoy doing and do that consistently to be able to progress in that particular thing which will make you remain positive and inspired.

DYLN: What is the most important action on your daily to-do list when it comes to your healthy lifestyle?

Drinking enough pure clean water. Most people focus too much on what they should or should not be eating while in reality water is so much more important for our vitality than food.

DYLN: Can you suggest simple solutions for someone who wants to make a positive impact on our planet?

Work first on making a positive impact in yourself and become the best version of you. It might sound selfish but when you are fully in touch with you are, you can’t help but to make a positive impact on the planet. “Fill your cup of water first” so you can have enough to give to the world.

DYLN: How did your journey with calisthenics and yoga begin? How do these two combine together, is that a perfect match you recommend to others?

It started 5 years ago when I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression. I knew I needed a shift in my life and I was also bored of doing the same thing at the gym. I believe they combined well together by Calisthenics being more “Yang” (aggressive) and Yoga being more “Yin” (Calming and relaxing). It helped me by being able to release all the trapped energy in my body through Calisthenics while calming the mind and becoming more in touch with who I was through a daily practice of Yoga. I don’t believe in a “perfect match” and I think that’s very unique from person to person, but that combination worked for me and I would highly recommended to everyone looking for a great balance of physical and mental strength as well as developing both a flexible body and mind (“Flexible mind” meaning to be open minded and capable to adapt to the changes that are inevitable in our lives). Just give it a shot ;)

DYLN: How do you stay in such phenomenal shape, what is your daily workout routine?

First of all, thank you J Second, I would say the cliché phrase: “Eating well, training smart, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep”. It is as simple as that. There are many other things and “tricks” you can do but the truth is that if you train consistently and eat in a way that is sustainable and optimal for your body, you will get the body you want. I can expand so much on this but for me intermittent fasting and more of a high-fat/low carb diet is what my body responds best. Also, as I said before that type of eating is sustainable for me, which is key! You should not feel restricted in the way you eat or otherwise you will quit eventually. I literally enjoy eating healthy! Moreover, staying active through the day (aside from my daily workouts) helps me a lot to stay in shape. Finally, having a strong “WHY” keeps me disciplined.

DYLN: What would you say to encourage those who find it hard to start or maintain a workout routine?

Definitely what I said on the previous question. Make sure your “WHY” is strong enough for you to stay on track! Make it bigger than just “I want to be in shape”. Finally, remember that motivation is temporary so do not rely on it. Use it to get you started and then commit to workout every day, weather you feel like it or not! If the “WHY” is strong enough, it will make everything easier ;)

DYLN: Music is your other great passion. In few words, what does it mean to you?

It means that I can express myself differently than what I do with movement.  For me creating and expressing myself is what keeps me alive and that can be through movement, video editing, music production and speaking to other people; deep conversations to be precise ;) I deviated from the original question but those are my “passions” so I make sure to do them in a balanced way that makes me happy. Self-awareness is key here: Know yourself, know what you like to do (not what other people tells you what you should do) and do that often! Again, not the original question but I just write or speak what my heart speaks to me at the moment. And yeah, I felt the need to say that =)

DYLN: What have you noticed after switching to alkaline water?

A huge increase in energy and motivation! Fewer cravings for processed foods, better sleep, more glow in my skin and just overall well-being. =)

DYLN: What do you like most about the DYLN Bottle?

It’s impossible to say one thing! =D I will mention a few! First, I love the fact that I can drink alkaline water without having to buy an expensive filter. Second, I love the material of the bottle. Because I could buy alkaline water in a store but most likely it would be plastic bottle (and again, it would be so expensive!). Then I would say that I like so much the look of it, the hand-feel and honestly; everything about it! Will never go back to using another bottle, that’s for sure!

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