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DYLN Alkaline Water Bottle Uses You Never Thought Of

We all know how important it is to get plenty of water during the day. The body needs an adequate supply of water in order to maintain optimal health. Alkaline water is a great alternative to regular drinking water. Aside from its proposed health benefits, many simply just prefer the crisp, refreshing taste of alkaline water. But it’s also ideal for your body’s pH to be slightly alkaline.

An acidic diet is linked to very serious health complications, as well as decreased immune function. Despite its harmful effects, acidic diets are fairly common. Western diets tend to be acidic because the foods we crave are generally high in acidity. For instance, soda and processed foods. That said, as more people are acknowledging the link between chronic diseases to diet, both plant-based and alkaline diets have become increasingly popular.

Although you can easily get your hands on alkaline water from the grocery store, the DYLN Bottle is a simple solution to create your own alkaline water from either pure or filtered water. By investing in a reusable water bottle, you also get the chance to reduce waste by helping to eliminate plastic bottles!

But, what else can you do with alkaline water?

If you already have a DYLN Bottle or you’re considering investing in one, then you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a lot you can do with alkaline water! Aside from drinking it, alkaline water is actually incredibly versatile and it can be used for many purposes. Here are 7 ways to get the most out of your DYLN Bottle!

What Can You Do with Alkaline Water?

1. Alkaline Ice Cubes

What’s the easiest way to make your alkaline water taste THAT much better? Alkaline ice cubes. There’s no better feeling than taking a sip of cool, alkaline water in the middle of a workout, yoga session, or even on a hot summer day to quench your thirst.

Making ice cubes out of alkaline water ahead of time ensures that you can enjoy cool alkaline water whenever you please! But that’s not it. You can add alkaline ice cubes to a beverage to enhance its flavor and to make it more alkaline!

2. Refreshing Alkaline Iced Tea

While you definitely shouldn’t add tea leaves or any other additives into your DYLN Bottle, you can use the alkaline water that you make to create your own refreshing alkaline concoctions! For instance, you can easily make refreshing alkaline iced tea.

Brewing tea with alkaline water will enhance both the flavor and the aroma of the tea. It’s also a great idea to use alkaline water to make iced tea because it will extract more flavor and reduce the bitter taste.

3. Alkaline Smoothies

Make your green smoothie with alkaline water. It’s a great alternative to the other liquids you typically add to a smoothie, such as fruit juice or pure water, because it increases the alkalinity of your smoothie. You can also count on the crisp, refreshing taste of alkaline water to improve the taste of your smoothie!

4. To Care for Your Teeth

Great dental hygiene can only go so far if you like to indulge on acidic foods and beverages, which can erode your enamel or cause sensitivity to your teeth. And despite your best efforts to care for your teeth by brushing and flossing on the regular, that’s not always enough to keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

It’s suggested that alkaline water can help you maintain a beautiful smile! How? To protect your teeth from acid erosion and tooth decay, you can carry alkaline water around with you and make sure to swish it around in your mouth right after consuming acidic foods or drinks. Brushing your teeth with alkaline water can also help maintain your oral health!

5. Alkaline Compress for Sprains

Alkaline water is incredibly versatile and can even be used for personal care! For example, you can use alkaline water to make a compress to treat sprains. It’s also effective at providing relief from sunburns, bruises, and insect bites.

6. To Care for Your Plants

This one’s not much of a surprise. Certain plants – specifically, desert plants, grow well in alkaline soils. So it makes a lot of sense that you can actually care for these plants with alkaline water. The plants that thrive in alkaline soils include honeysuckle, Boston ivy, hyacinth, morning glory, and much more!

7. Cleaning

Yes, you can actually clean with it! Alkaline water is great for cleaning the stove and countertop when there’s residue or grease. It’s also great for getting rid of oil-based stains from fabrics.

Get the Most out of Your DYLN Bottle

With the DYLN Bottle, it’s easy to stay hydrated throughout the day because you’ll want to carry it around with you everywhere you go. The sleek, stainless steel bottle also comes in a variety of fun colors for you to choose from! But now that you know how versatile alkaline water is, you can make the most out of your DYLN Bottle with these creative hacks!

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