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Correcting Your Hormone Imbalances

Your body’s endocrine system is a vast communication network that keeps everything inside of you functioning harmoniously. When everything works correctly, you won’t notice it because you’ll feel fine. Yet when any one element of your endocrine system falls out of sync, the balance is lost and you’ll be able to tell. You may be fatigued, aching, having trouble sleeping or experiencing fluctuations in your body weight. Keeping your body’s hormones in balance is one of the most important factors for feeling well because of how complex the relationships between all aspects of your endocrine system are.

Signs of Hormone Imbalance

On the Rise

Nevertheless, the truth is that a significant number of people — as many as 80 percent of women — live with some form of hormone imbalance. The demands of the modern lifestyle mean we’re constantly making compromises with our bodies — cutting back on sleep, eating the wrong foods and not getting enough exercise. Unfortunately, our bodies aren’t as willing to compromise on these lifestyle changes as we are. Your endocrine system can react in ways you may not enjoy, so it’s important to remember how to bring hormones back into balance and counteract some of the stresses we put on our endocrine systems that cause those hormonal imbalances.

Simple Solutions

Getting a full seven to eight hours of sleep per night might cut into your binge-watching time, but it helps keep your body’s circadian rhythm in sync by regulating the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. More exercise will keep your body in better shape, which makes it easier for your body to regulate hormone production in total. If you use beauty products, try switching to all-natural versions in order to eliminate chemicals found in many beauty products that can have a negative impact on your hormonal balance. The endocrine system is your body’s communication network, and it’s up to you to make sure the lines don’t get crossed.

Correcting Your Hormone Imbalances

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