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5 Mindful Ways to Deal With Work Stress

Nowadays, we are constantly pressured over work duties. Plus, the fact that ongoing hustle and bustle of daily responsibilities is getting tremendously overwhelming isn't making the situation better. An abundance of work duties, tight deadlines, struggle with the competition is making a normal person be more present and engaged in work rather than in improving his physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, obtaining and maintaining a healthy life-work balance has become utterly difficult, and even if there are ways to achieve it, you simply must work hard and invest more time and effort to do that. 

Avoid suffering from a harsh burnout at work, implement some of these balanced and refreshed ways that can help you cope with work stress.

1. Manage Work Duties Smartly

First things first, you need to learn how to delegate your workload. Once you arrive at your office and see a pile of unfinished work, you will certainly be plucking your hair out. Avoid accumulation of unnecessary stress by delegating some of your work with your co-workers. If you are trying to get a raise or a promotion then you had better do things diligently and finish each task the moment you receive it. Find a way to navigate all the work responsibilities without feeling agitated. Finish everything that you can today, and leave less work for tomorrow.

Insulated DYLN Bottle

If you feel like you are going to drop due to being overloaded with work, have an insulated water bottle always by your side and keep your chin up. By learning how to assertively divide and organize your work duties, you will feel relaxed and stress-free.

2. Do Mindful Exercise

The best way to fight off stress is being physically active. Doing some form of exercising before work will boost your productivity, uplift your mood, and give you enough stamina and endurance to survive the day. By opting to practice some mindful exercise like yoga or jogging, you will learn how to listen and ease up your body, relax your muscles and unwind. When you go for a run after work, you will unleash all the stress that has been piling up, feel less tensed and reboot yourself with positive thoughts. To get inspired and engaged in exercising it is vital to have only quality equipment. For yoga, you should get some good yoga mat or yoga pants, and for jogging try to find the most comfortable  zero drop running shoes.

3. Be Surrounded by Inspirational People

Very often it is the people we are surrounded by at work that makes us nervous. To counter negative energy and thoughts in the workplace, you need to be able to strengthen your thinking mind. And another mindful method suggests being surrounded with a smile and positive people. The moment you notice that you are starting to feel stressed around a certain individual at your office, try to move out of the conversation and keep up with your work. Hang out with the like-minded people. Even if you don’t have numerous things in common, if you share at least one interesting hobby, you will happier and stress-free when you talk to a person an amusing and inspirational person on your break.

4. Meditate

Maybe the best thing about meditation is that you can do it whenever and wherever you want. If you are too busy with your work, and you need to find a way to get in touch with your true self, enliven your emotions and to find your inner peace, then meditation is the real deal for you. You can try out meditation on the go, which requires to distract yourself from work and duties only for three minutes.

Meditating Next to the DYLN Bottle

This exercise will get you in the right mindset when you are overwhelmed with tasks and you are in need for a short break from it all. By meditating at work and doing slow breathing exercises you will learn how to handle issues calmly and surround yourself with a serene atmosphere.

5. Immerse Yourself in a Thought-Provoking Activity

Whenever you feel like you have had it enough, try to shift your mind’s focus to something else. Perfect mindfulness at work can be achieved if you engage your brain in a thought-provoking activity. What is more, it will be easier for your brain to drop into a mindful state in a busy work if you find time for at least 30-minute mindful engagement. For instance, go for a walk with the most amazing colleague, read an engaging book, listen to a riveting song. Reading actually might be the best way to help you forget all your daily worries. You can load up your phone, get a good pair of earphones and try reading an e-book. No matter how overburdened you may get at work, getting engaged in a stimulating activity will undoubtedly put you off stress for a while.

You are the creator of your inner thoughts and you should never let stress over work rule over your life. Some form of stress might be inevitable, but do your best to mindfully fight it.


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