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When I was asked to be a part of DYLN Inspired, I didn’t know a whole lot except that my best friend Molly Morse was a part of this movement, and anything she is involved in I know must be good. After visiting their beautiful store in The OC Mix and meeting a few individuals, who represented this new and upcoming brand, I knew I was in the right place. I had been praying for an opportunity to get more involved, and I couldn’t have been more blessed to have DYLN a part of my next steps. That day I had shared with a few team members that my father had just been diagnosed with cancer, and these people opened their arms to me immediately and have continued to ever since.

A few days after my visit to DYLN, I had to jump on a plane across the country as my dad’s health deteriorated quickly and he was coming into his final days on this place we call Earth. He passed on June 20th and my life hasn’t been the same since, but not in a way most would expect.  We have choices as individuals to let life knock us down, or we can fight and get up feeling stronger. The support I have gotten from this community, and the DYLN Inspired team has been nothing short of a miracle. In times when I have felt lost or broken, the people I have around me stepped right up to the plate to help strengthen my heart and inspire me to live a more fulfilling life. 

The technology around DYLN Inspired is a given, but the community they represent is on a whole different level than anyone I’ve ever worked with. Their passion to serve more than just a product gives me a reason to serve a bigger purpose with my own life, and with this team and family on my side, I know that anything is possible if we set our minds to it.  I am currently setting up a non-profit called Serve It Forward where we link cancer patients with their community to help with transportation to their treatment, a holistic approach to healing with yoga and meditation, and a home cooked meal for families in need. I AM #DYLNinspired

Visit www.serveitforward.org to learn more.

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