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Shaking Things Up with Molly Morse

The time has come to shake things up!

My name is Molly and I am a recovering routine-er. I walked one foot in front of the next always doing the “right” thing until one day, routine bred complacency. Having achieved almost everything I was supposed to accomplish, why was I not breathing? What would happen if I stepped out of line for a moment? Whose “line” was this in the first place? The real question I needed to start asking myself was “how utterly sweet can life really be?”

How It All Started

My future was set but it was far from knocking my yogi toe socks off. So I put my career aside and flipped my priorities right side up with all my well-intentioned advisors warning me of eminent risks should I dare alter course into uncharted waters. I left my world and I became a yoga instructor beginning to live and breathe what I loved. Finally, submerged in bliss, I ritually kissed my mat in gratitude before every class taught or taken. Put more simply, I retired and have never worked another day in my life.

With a rigorous yoga practice, I began to experience the old adage, “bring the body and the mind will follow.” I started really paying attention to everything I put both in and on my body. In 21st century terms, I dove deeply into upgrading my nutritional operating system. Consequently, I soon began to experience first hand the premise that the healthier you are, the clearer your thoughts become. As I felt my mind finally starting to awaken, there arose one more question. What were these clothes on my skin, which happens to be the largest organ in my body?

What Am I Wearing?

Looking around the studios, I started to notice the tighter the cut and crazier the print, the better. I realized that I was wearing clothes for the world around rather than the world within. What were these things made out of anyway? Is the lore that everyday street clothes generally serve, beyond their practical application, as a medium of self-expression actually real? If self-expression is a big part of what clothes have to offer, why are we all wearing the same thing and why do we at the end of the day ‘slip into something more comfortable?’ Don’t misunderstand me, I am a girl, I love the fashionable aspect of clothes. But I started to wonder, could clothes be more? Could they serve us in some way, change us in same way?

Enter DYLN Inspired

The universe presented the answer as it always does the moment we can find the space to hand it the question. Medical thermography has shown that DYLN’s Bio-Photonic nano-technology emits far-infrared and negative ions, increasing circulation and oxygenation as it recharges our cells just by slipping into something really comfortable! The science all looked great on paper until the day I took my shoulder out surfing and I felt the pain disappear within minutes after I threw my DYLN jacket on! That was it for me!

This experience was far from the conventional discourse of what apparel was and in a single moment, my paradigm about clothes was altered forever. Clothes have now become a key tool in my health arsenal. DYLN Inspired, with its courage to look beyond what is and has been, is at the threshold of a futuristic brave new world where the clothes we wear work for us.

Just one month after discovering DYLN gear, the opportunity to shake things up presented itself once again. I have shelved my comfortable retirement in the name of adventure finding myself on a yoga tour around the world from Canada to South Africa and beyond. Am I scared? Sailing again into uncharted waters still comes with its fair share of giant butterflies but one thing I have learned from my previous experiences is that no risk is the biggest risk. We only regret the things we don’t do.

Join me on a journey around the world in a quest for new experience. Together, let’s shake things up, step out of line and breath in some passion. What inspires YOU?

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