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Why Dr. Emoto's Research Will Change the Way You Drink Water

How you think directly impacts the physical health of your body.

Surprised? Consider the work of Dr. Emoto. Emoto is the pioneer researcher in a little-known field called water structure. He’s taken samples of water under every condition imaginable and compared the shapes of the frozen crystals.

Not surprisingly, the most beautiful water crystals came from pristine sources like rivers and lakes in the wild. Like this one, from the Fuji River in Japan:

Fuji River

Crystals from these sources were complex and pleasing to the eye. Samples from city reservoirs and polluted streams, however, had much different characteristics. These samples of water didn’t even have the structure to support a simple shape, let alone the complex beauty of natural water.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, yeah. Good water is good and bad water is bad. Nobody needs pictures to prove that.” But this is where Dr. Emoto’s work gets really interesting.

How Thought Affect Water

Prayer Water

This water crystal is beautiful. No denying it. But can you guess where the water came from? If you thought of an alpine stream meandering through granite boulders in paradise…you’re wrong. This came from your average city supply. But the difference in this crystal is that the sample was exposed to prayer.

The curious Dr. Emoto experimented with all sorts of mantras prayed over water, like gratitude and love. He even taped words on to the jars that held the water to note the structural effect. 

The thoughts placed over the water had just as significant an effect as the actual source from which the water came. And the research wasn’t limited to positive thoughts. Notice the water that was exposed to the words "I will kill you." See how the sacred geometry dissolves into a chaotic blob on that word? 

Water words

Dr. Emoto’s research proves what quantum physicists have been telling us for years: that reality is responding to us. Our thoughts shape the world we perceive. 

If the physical structure of water is affected by thought, as Emoto’s work suggests, just imagine how your physical health is affected. You are anywhere between 60 and 80 percent water! The thoughts you carry on a daily basis are actively arranging the structure of your cells. When you think about it that way, the power of positive thinking isn't so abstract after all.

3 Power Tips to Make Your Water Vibrant and Healthy

1. Play Music

Water is a living thing that responds to its environment. Once you can accept that far-out fact, you won’t feel crazy playing Beethoven to your gallon jug. Here’s a picture of water that was exposed to Beethoven's Pastorale.

2. Tape Words and Phrases to Your Bottle

Words like gratitude, love, appreciation, thanks, and truth have all been shown to beautify water. So get yourself a handy label maker, print beautiful phrases, and make healing water.

If you need to focus on a particular area of growth, print out an affirmation that will help you throughout the day. "I have achieved vibrant health". What better way to promote wellness than drinking your affirmations?    

 3. Pray

We’ve been doing it over food for millennia, so why not pray over your water?  Considering that the adult human body is around 70% water, it makes sense to make it a habit.

Meditate and pour thoughts of gratitude into the water you’ll consume through the day. You’ll notice improved hydration and positivity—guaranteed. I would say you’d get your money back, but it doesn’t cost a thing!


Although Emoto considers his work to be closer to art than science, the crystals form a clear message: your thoughts are just as important to health as your environment. Taking on the simple practice of vibing out your water might be the missing link to the health you want. Try it today with music, words, and prayer.



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