Handle Cap


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Keep your water cold and bottle insulated with the 100% leakproof Handle Cap. Fits with the 25 oz, 32 oz or 40 oz  DYLN Bottles.

The Handle Cap comes equipped with a flexible handle for easy, on the go carrying. The dishwasher safe Handle Cap allows easy hydration wherever you go.

Unlike other caps available, the DYLN Handle Cap does not leak which is not only a security measure in preventing spills, but it also keeps your water extra insulated and cold throughout the day. The Handle  Cap is a great addition to your 25 oz, 32 oz or 40 oz DYLN Bottle.
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What does drinking Alkaline + Antioxidant water do for your health?

Hydrate Faster


Fights Fatigue

Combats Acid-Reflux

Improves Digestion

How does it work?

The magnesium & minerals inside the replaceable VitaBead Diffuser, which is attached to the bottom of the DYLN Bottle, alkalizes & enhances the water within minutes.

! Black Handle Cap $12.99