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How to Reduce Inflammation in the Body

The link between diet and health is undeniable. Worldwide, people are starting to pay more attention to what they’re eating, because an unhealthy diet is at the root of several long-term health complications. Opting for a healthier diet reduces your risk of developing several chronic illnesses associated with a poor diet. And in some cases, it also serves as a natural remedy for conditions that are exacerbated by an unhealthy diet. For instance, poor dietary choices can cause chronic inflammation in the body.

Plant-based and Alkaline Diets

Salad to Reduce Inflammation

Acknowledging the link between diet and health, both plant-based and alkaline diets are becoming increasingly popular. With both diets, you’re essentially cutting out all the foods that are known to wreak havoc on the body, in favor of those with a greater nutritional value.

Aside from diet, getting plenty of water is also essential in order to maintain optimal health. When it comes to staying hydrated, alkaline water is a great alternative to regular drinking water. Many prefer the crisp, refreshing taste of alkaline water. Aside from its unique taste, alkaline water has ultra-hydrating properties. Because the molecules in alkaline water are smaller than those found in tap water, they hydrate the body more effectively.

With the DYLN Insulated Water Bottle, it’s incredibly easy to get your hands on alkaline water. Investing in an alkaline water bottle is both a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to enjoy alkaline water whenever you please. With the DYLN Bottle, you can convert pure or filtered water into alkaline, antioxidant water in under 20 minutes!

What Is Inflammation?

As part of the body’s natural defense mechanism, inflammation occurs in the event of injury or infection. White blood cells are sent by the immune system to repair an open wound. During this time, a temporary inflammatory response is triggered to help with the healing process. In this case, inflammation helps to protect the body.

However, inflammation can become a problem when the symptoms of inflammation are long-term. Chronic inflammation in the body can potentially lead to very serious health complications. Just to name a few, chronic inflammation is linked to high blood pressure, stroke, and arthritis.

What Is Chronic Inflammation?

So how does inflammation become long-term? Your lifestyle choices play a huge role in determining your risk of developing chronic inflammation in the body. Common causes of chronic inflammation are diet, stress, and smoking.

Instead of relying entirely on medication, natural cures can be effective in reducing the symptoms associated with chronic inflammation. Natural remedies for inflammation include making the right lifestyle choices when it comes to diet and exercise, and adopting an anti-inflammatory diet. When it comes to dealing with symptoms of inflammation in the body, changing your diet can drastically improve your condition.

4 Natural Ways to Reduce Inflammation in the Body

1. Getting More Exercise Daily

DYLN Water Bottle

Getting a good workout in is fundamental when it comes to improving your health. But getting more exercise is also linked to reducing symptoms of long-term inflammation in the body. It’s suggested that getting up to 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily can reduce inflammation by 12%!

2.  Paying Attention to Your Diet

By adopting a healthier diet, you have the ability to improve your quality of life immensely. Diet plays a huge role when it comes to inflammation in the body. Western diets tend to be acidic, because most of the foods that we enjoy are high in acidity. And an acidic diet can wreak havoc on your health, as well as increasing long-term health risks. It’s ideal for your body’s pH to be slightly alkaline.

Both plant-based and alkaline diets replace the foods that have a negative impact on your health, for those that are more nutritious. There are parallels in certain foods that are alkalizing on the body and those that have an anti-inflammatory effect. An anti-inflammatory diet includes vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, and plant-based protein.

Opting for an alkaline diet comes with many benefits:

  • Improved cognitive function and memory
  • Boost in energy
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Reducing the risk of long-term illnesses
  • Positive effect on cardiovascular health

When it comes to alkalizing the body, alkaline water is a great alternative to regular drinking water because of its crisp taste and ultra-hydrating effect on the body. With the DYLN Insulated Water Bottle, you can easily create and store alkaline, antioxidant water whether you’re on-the-go or in the comfort of your own home. The sleek, stainless steel bottle gets you excited about drinking more water throughout the day.

3.  Reducing Stress

Paying attention to your emotional health is equally important as maintaining your physical wellbeing. Both go hand in hand when it comes to improving your overall health.

Stress has a huge impact on chronic inflammation in the body. Hence, learning to manage your stress more effectively can help reduce symptoms of long-term inflammation.

How do you manage stress more effectively? When it comes to dealing with stress, the first step is to be mindful of what your triggers are. Figure out which situations or circumstances are triggers for feelings of either stress or anxiety for you, and try your best to avoid the situations that are taxing on your soul.

A great way to deal with stress is to set aside some time to focus on yourself. Yoga is a great option if you’re looking for an opportunity to relieve stress.  

4. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation or not, cutting back on cigarettes is the best thing you could do for your health. Smoking is a huge trigger for inflammation in the body. Smoking causes plaque to build up in the arteries. And when this happens, symptoms of chronic inflammation appear.

Start Making the Right Lifestyle Choices

Now that you know the natural remedies for reducing symptoms of inflammation in the body, it’s time to start making healthier lifestyle choices. In addition to reducing inflammation, making the right lifestyle choices will improve your quality of life immensely.

By incorporating more foods that have an alkalizing effect on the body into your diet, the health benefits are plentiful. Also, make sure you always have alkaline water on hand.

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