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Our vacation time in the US is pathetic compared to the rest of the world. We’re overworked, exhausted, and often function only on a steady stream of stimulants. The end result? We’re so burnt out that we can’t even enjoy our downtime. Then we don’t feel like exercising, or partaking in novel experiences—or doing anything that energizes our lives.

Burnout is a common medical condition that can have serious consequences, ranging from depression, to anxiety, and weakened immunity. But there is hope in avoiding it. All you need to do is recharge your batteries with small doses of downtime at work.  

If you need a long holiday but can’t take a vacation, here are 6 ways to avoid burnout:

1. Take Walks in Nature

Take A Walk Outside

The key to recharging successfully is shifting your focus from work to something else. Stressors from the workplace eat away at your energy reserves, and even being reminded of what you haven’t accomplished can sap your strength.

One of the best ways to recharge is to remove yourself from the modern environment entirely and immerse yourself in nature. Being barefoot in nature has been shown to relax blood vessels, increase circulation, and improve mood. So kick off your shoes before you take a trail walk. (Only if it’s safe to do so, of course.) 

2. Schedule Tech-Free Days

Weekends have long been respites for the working warrior. But since the advent of computers and smartphone, we’ve had less mental space from the workplace. If you want to completely recharge in your time away from work, try turning off your electronics…completely.

It sounds like a crazy idea—especially for those hopelessly addicted iPad addicts—but we don’t need 24/7 Internet connection. The constant exposure to new information can interfere with your ability to recharge.

Every notification you see and hear, every text message you receive, and any random website that you unconsciously navigate to takes energy from you. If your focus needs to be on recharging, give yourself the opportunity by shutting down electronics.
Remind yourself that it’s OK to rest; to do nothing; to have fun just for the sake of having fun; and to explore ideas and things that have absolutely no relation to financial profit.
Take time on your weekend to go tech-free and see the difference it makes in your energy levels.

3. Sip Water

sip water

A lack of water may be the biggest factor in America’s energy woes. Without enough water, your cells can’t convert fat into energy for life.
We consume plenty of liquids—like Red Bull, coffee, and soda—but those choices aren’t designed to hydrate you like good ol’ fashioned H2O. Even regular tap water has difficulty permeating your cells.

You have a couple options:

  1. Live in a van down by the river and sip healthy water straight from the source. Or,
  2. Structure your own water with one of our alkaline bottles.

DYLN Alkaline Water Bottles are equipped with far-infrared micro beads and minerals that create alkaline antioxidant water. Our customers enjoy the freshness and how alive the water tastes.

4. Do Music Therapy

Music has long been accepted as therapeutic for easing stress, lowering cortisol levels and releasing dopamine. If you want to break away from the world and get lost in the music, consider purchasing a high-quality pair of noise cancellation headphones. Their vacuum effect separates your ears from the world so that when you play your favorite music, everything else just fades away.

These are especially useful for breaks in a stressful office environment because they allow you to completely unplug from the stress around you—which gives you a satisfying mini-vacation. Consider hooking up some Bach or Beethoven, or tune into the sounds of the rainforest to let your imagination run free.

4. Read

Reading to help Boost Energy

Reading is the ultimate mental escape and the perfect tool for a quick recharge. You know how draining the grind of work can be? Slipping into a fantasy world full of beauty and adventure is the polar opposite of that. And though it isn’t real per se, your brain soaks up the mental vacation as if it just happened.

Most of us stop reading for pleasure after high school. But the most high-energy and successful people alive are also self-proclaimed bookworms. The break from linear thinking gives your creative brain an opportunity to engage, which is extremely satisfying and energizing.

5. Take a Cold Plunge

Take a Cold Plunge

Short of cozying up in an electric chair, taking a cold-water plunge is one of the fastest ways to reset your nervous system. Immersing in frigid water releases a cascade of endorphins that automatically boosts your mood, forces you to become extremely present, and quadruples your energy levels.

Peak performance experts like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris tout cold water plunges as a tool for recovery and as a way to jumpstart your day. But if you don’t have access to a cold plunge pool, you can drop a pound of ice in cold bathwater to experience the jolting and exhilarating affect of extreme cold. (For those with heart conditions, it’s best to consult your doctor first.)

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