DYLN Ambassador Sommer Chanady

A Canadian born California girl, Sommer is a business professional - free spirit (yes, the two can coexist!). Her favorite thing in the world is to be outdoors surrounded by nature, and she loves to travel. Being fortunate enough to have taken some amazing trips over the years from Hawaii to Thailand, her spirit for adventure is endless! Sommer has a B.S. in Biological Sciences from UC, Irvine and is a certified yoga instructor. She teaches Vinyasa Flow at Ekam Yoga and True Flow Yoga, and also SUP yoga at Equinox.

From the moment Sommer laid eyes on DYLN Inspired she wanted to spread its magic. Could it be true that clothes could be so much more than fashion? Medical thermography has shown that DYLN's Bio-Phototonic Nano-technology emits far-infrared and negative ions, increasing circulation and oxygenation as it recharges our cells and balances our chakras! Hello DYLN Inspired yoga pants, good bye old knee injury flare ups! Not only that, the VitaPearl fabric feels so good on the skin that you literally forget that you are wearing clothes. Sommer is ecstatic about sharing with others how to bridge the gap between fitness and wellness the DYLN Inspired way!