DYLN Ambassador Shannon Withers

DYLN Ambassador Shannon WithersShannon Mancini is a true southern belle at heart, spending her first 22 years in the suburbs of Georgia, but now has the pleasure of residing in Laguna Niguel, California with her husband Mike. Shannon has been teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga for over 2 years, but her journey started off completely different than where it is presently.  When she moved here in 2007, a friend convinced her to try Bikram Yoga, and for a couple of years this suited her type-A personality of go further, push harder, do more. It wasn’t until she developed an injury where she had to step back and take a look at WHY she was spending 90 minutes in a 115 degree room at 50% humidity to only usually feel depleted and unfulfilled after?

After taking a well needed break, she returned to a different studio with a similar sequence, but the atmosphere was the total opposite of what she had been used to. At the end of her first class, she laid in Savasana, and couldn’t help but cry because this was the feeling she was looking for all those years, just in the wrong place. It was through her connection to her breath that she discovered a completely different element to her yoga practice.  Shannon truly believes that developing a harmonious connection with ones breath allows us to come into a state of being completely present, and it is in these moments where healing truly happens. She teaches her classes with a certain grace that supports the softer side we all are deeply wish to expose. Her fascination with music and the ability it has to heal, guides her to build playlists that support movement and openness as her students flow through class. Her goal as a teacher is to provide a space where students can come practice without judgment, expectation or ego, but just from the heart—honoring whatever their souls have to offer that day.



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