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DYLN Ambassador Monique Claudio

DYLN Ambassador Monique ClaudioEvery breath is a gift, every living thing a companion on the path, every moment getting to do what you love is a gift. Monique Claudio lives a life of gratitude and joy, always finding the way to remain awe-fully. She came to yoga on a very circuitous path. Graduating with a degree in Psychology from the University of Delaware, with a minor in East Asian Studies, she has always been captivated by how science, nature and culture can come together to influence the inner workings of the mind, aging of the body, and health. Wellness, quality of life, communication, these were the focus.

It wasn’t until she quit working in a clinical psychiatric setting and took on being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor full time, as an ACSM Health Fitness Specialist and AFAA certified professional, that she began to realize the true impact she could have. By addressing the needs of her students and clients’, mind, body, and spirit, did she begin to find her true gift.

After some time, knowing there was something missing, she began to practice yoga as a stress-reliever, to cross train from her half marathon training, weight lifting and to have an outlet for her spirit to really soar. During this transition she also took up barefoot running as a hobby. Beginning to spend more time in her beloved nature, she became a 200hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Core Strength Vinyasa Teacher, MELTmethod Instructor and happy vegan. Monique’s ability to celebrate the simple joy of moving, and realign to the precious divine gift of the present moment delights one’s soul and gives her fuel for the fire of inspiring others and bringing out the best in them.

Aways geek-ing out on the latest research in to mental well-being, nutrition, stress management, relationship nurturing and recovery techniques she now helps clients as a Holistic Wellness Coach, putting all of her training, education, skills and zest for living one’s best life into a well rounded program. Monique’s ability to infect you with her smile, her ability to see the best parts of people they may not even be able to see, and her fervent passion for pushing you to your own edge, finding an even brighter horizon, is what she is known for.

Monique continues to spend as much of her days in nature as she can, enjoying surfing, acro-yoga, slackline yoga, trail running, barefoot running, bike-riding. She is happy to announce she will be certified in aerial yoga fall of 2014. She is looking forward to combining the wellness offerings she has learned and created with those of DYLN inspired. The technology behind line, feel of the fabric and fluid look are timely. The The benefits this line offers coincide with Monique’s mantra of living the best life one can, while nurturing the body-mind. Live awe-filled, live bright, live DYLN Inspired!

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