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Summer Sale! Save 15% Off Extra Diffusers
Summer Sale! Save 15% Off Extra Diffusers
Summer Sale! Save 15% Off Extra Diffusers
Summer Sale! Save 15% Off Extra Diffusers
Summer Sale! Save 15% Off Extra Diffusers

DYLN Ambassador Molly Morse

Molly MorseMolly is a DYLN Inspired Ambassador guiding retreats, workshops and classes around the world from California to South Africa, Costa Rica, India, Thailand and Bali. Her passion for the human spirit, health technology, and movement to breath creates a transformative experience giving you the tools you need to reverse time and begin growing younger every single day of your life.

Molly discovered yoga at a young age in Northern California in her hometown of Carmel, California and its backyard Big Sur. After a severe surfing accident, Molly turned to Yoga with new purpose. She discovered an improved, stronger, rehabilitated body and its inextricable relation to the ineffable spirit residing within all of us. As an E-RYT Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, IASI International Board Certified Structural Integration Practitioner, Karuna Reiki Master and Advanced SourcePoint Therapist, Molly creates an anatomically safe, informative and fun environment that amplifies the physical and energetic union of who we are.

How did you discover yoga?

I was born near Esalen, one of the epicenters for centeredness.  Being raised on the Californian coast around Big Sur and Carmel, eventually yoga will find you.

What is the importance of your yoga practice?

Yoga just feels so good, pure and simple!  It’s also the best place for me to take on and challenge what I perceive to be my physical and mental limitations.  And of course, my ‘practice’ is a constant reminder that I am always a student, always learning, always discovering.  I’ve developed this love affair with yoga because it is my favorite place to slow down time and drop into bliss.   Yoga let’s me fill up until I overflow with that euphoric feeling that we achieve by spending time doing what we absolutely love.  

What inspires you to be more, do more, and see more?

Every day I try to raise my standards in every aspect of my life.  When you do this, being alive becomes your source of inspiration. This kind of action creates a desire to experience everything and anything life has to offer. I love the challenges that the day to day presents when you are working to improve yourself living life in your own way. I always feel that as long as I am following my own path there is never a dull moment. This kind of motion always brings something new, some new door to explore. It keeps life exciting.  I go to sleep impatiently waiting for the next day and what it may bring.

Where do you find your center and peace?

Yoga, surfing, meditation, listening to music with a green juicy and gratitude are my go to’s. I know gratitude may seem an odd thing to mention, but whenever I feel out of balance, all I really have to do is be thankful for the amazing experiences life has given me and remember all the good in my life and the love comes rushing back.

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