DYLN Ambassador Candice Sekiguchi Statham

Candice Sekiguchi Statham is a certified Vinyasa and Hatha yoga instructor in Orange County, California. She instructs group classes at CorePower Yoga: Hot Power Fusion, Hot Yoga, Power, Sculpt, and CoreRestore; as well as leads and coaches CorePower’s programs: teacher training, boot camp, and seasonal wellness cleanse programs. She works with private clients on an as needed basis. In addition, Candice is a certified American Heart Association BLS instructor.

Candice was brought to her mat by a friend who was doing Bikram yoga at the time. Looking to promote more flexibility in her body to help improve her ice skating skills, she attempted several fitness avenues before coming to yoga, but none of it made any marked difference. In fact, in her mid-20s, she had a fitness test done and was told that if she didn’t start stretching, she wouldn’t be able to tie her shoes in her latter part of life!

Yoga not only improved her flexibility, but also reduced stress and anxiety, improved her diet, and minimized Lupus symptoms. Candice was diagnosed with Lupus when she was 23 years old after experiencing chronic pain, exhaustion, headaches, and a variety of other symptoms that was constantly plaguing her. Yoga offered a significant amount of relief from those symptoms.

Candice knows that everyone comes to his or her mat for different reasons. Her intention when she teaches is for her students feel empowered, inspired, and connected!